Be Careful Driving Any Type of Vehicle or on Foot in Cabo!


Cabo was a sleepy fishing village 35 years ago. Nearly all of the streets were dirt roads. How times have changed!  While the local government has done a remarkable job of upgrading the roads, it just can't keep up with all the traffic the tourist business has generated.

Remember, we are not only a tourist attraction but also experience heavy traffic due to all the construction and our locals. If you are fortunate enough not to have witnessed a vehicle accident in Cabo, you most likely have heard of them.

Whether you are driving a car, truck, ATV, or walking, please be alert, careful, and drive or walk defensively. 

Many times these accidents are not reported to the public, therefore locals and tourists are not aware of the frequency and impact they have in our community.

Always be cognize of using the crosswalks when crossing the street too. Approximately two months ago I was walking to the Marina in the middle of the day and witnessed a walking tourist crossing the street who was hit by a car on the road. Our local bomberos do a fantastic job of arriving quickly on the scene of accidents and providing aid and/or hospital transport to accident victims. But you don't really want to meet these brave men and women by being involved in an accident.  

Cabo San Lucas is a wonderful place to live and visit, but wherever you are from, remember we are not only a tourist attraction but also experience heavy traffic due to many tourists and locals.

Mexican, Canadian, and individuals from the U.S. commute by vehicle to work and on a daily basis are also running errands to Costco, Walmart and visiting the fine restaurants and attractions we have in Cabo San Lucas.

Things to remember: when driving on the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose, or between Cabo and Todos Santos and La Paz, always drive in the right lane. The left lane is only for passing other vehicles and you’re not supposed to drive on it at a slow speed. Max speed on these roads is 90 km/hour and in one short part of the fourlane to San Jose, by the Grand Velas resort, max speed is 60 k/hour. In town, 40 km/hour. Downtown Cabo and San Jose are limited to 30 km/hour.

Local and tourist drivers don't always seem to wear seat belts. That could bring you an expensive traffic ticket. Oh, also, driving and using a cell phone will set you back nearly $500 bucks! Gringos and locals!  Be very careful!