Baja: Many Alternative Medical Clinics

Here’s the rundown on some of them

Chronic degenerative disease is a condition many of us have experienced either in ourselves or family members. We visit our medical professionals in the U.S. and often hear the bad news of why they can’t help either because they have no answers, or because we can’t afford the tests and medications.

Western or traditional medicine often looks down its nose at alternative medicine, as well as at integrated techniques that are available outside the United States. (Integrated medicine means a combination of traditional and non-traditional medicine.) Fortunately for us, Baja has many of these practitioners working in these somewhat off beat techniques.   

shutterstock_270339806.jpgRosarito Beach is home to Sanoviv at km 40 on the free road. Their philosophy here is, “We treat each guest as an individual person, not a health condition. We strive to help you understand your body at the cellular level.” This licensed medical hospital/spa has become a haven to many who suffer from debilitating chronic illnesses not successfully treated at home.

The good news is that clients often leave refreshed with hope, even if not cured of all their original symptoms, and the bad news is that it’s expensive and not covered by U.S. insurance or Medicare.

Sanoviv is in an elegant building built many years ago for the Levi Strauss family, and now owned by Dr. Myron Wentz. The approach here is completely holistic looking for the root cause of your illness rather than using drugs to mask the symptoms.

You are given a large battery of tests when you arrive, many of which are not given routinely in U.S. or Canadian hospitals, and you are issued organic cotton clothes for the length of your stay. Their program includes dental, psychological, massage therapy, nutrition, chiropractic, yoga, detox, sound therapy, fitness and many lectures on all of the above. All food is organic, omitting sugar, gluten and dairy with much of the food grown in their organic garden. No makeup or perfume is allowed on the premises, nor hair spray or hair dryers. The rooms are beautifully appointed with an extra bed for a companion. They have varied price structured stays, all of which includes the airport pick up in San Diego. They can be contacted at 800 726-6848 and Facebook. When they don’t want to give out the price, you know it’s high, but then how much is your good health worth?

Then there’s Rachael Kacapy, a licensed acupuncture specialist practicing traditional Chinese medicine incorporating herbs, massage, needles, qi gong, moxibustion, cupping and more. She graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and she studied in China. She is a young woman who sees the interconnectedness of the entire self and feels that disease cannot exist without affecting the entire person on all levels. She tells us that acupuncture itself works on utilizing a person’s own healing energy to restore balance and health. Much of acupuncture is now used to complement a medical treatment and to speed recovery after an operation. Her work does well in the treatment of pain, inflammation and internal disorders. Home visits are available and her charge is on a sliding scale depending on what her patient can afford. Rachael says that her traditional Chinese medicine requires a commitment and takes time, but you will experience healing in a truly profound way. Rachael can be contacted at

Kevin McManus is a personal trainer with many years of experience using neuro muscular strength training, balance, and myofascial release for tight and shortened muscles. He has a gym at his house where his clients work out to increase strength and balance. He also has disabled clients who hope to regain their former vigor. Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy to relax contracted muscles, improve blood circulation, as well as improve your lymphatics. It takes a practiced hand to know how much pressure to exert in this medical art form that can be painful at the outset but he tells us it can also lead to walking without aid.

Cathy Mishkin Bliss has years of experience with her specialty of biofeedback. She has given many demonstrations with her state of the art Indigo biofeedback machine all over the U.S., as well as here in Baja. She became a practitioner in 2005 and holds many certifications including quantum biofeedback specialist. Her machine, she says, is like a very advanced lie detector finding stress reactions in the body. Cathy consults with doctors and other health professionals helping them find the stress patterns in their patients that can lead to finding the areas to work on. She also is knowledgeable and helpful about arthritis, sleep patterns, and detoxing. Cathy can be reached at 619 419 8031 or quantumcathy

Ensenada Health and Wellness was established by Dr. Michael Hino, who holds several degrees in microbiology as well as a PhD from Cal Tech University in molecular biology and a doctorate from the Laboratories in Cambridge England where he engaged in stem cell research. He offers a drug free natural approach to treating disease and illness.

He gives his patients a blood test that he says is probably the most extensive blood test they have ever had. Following that is a lengthy sit down with Dr. Hino to discuss your health and what he might be able to assist you with. He asks for a positive attitude going in, that he feels is necessary to your healing. His patients come to Ensenada from all over the world and with a variety of complaints, and he has a medical doctor on staff to administer the stem cells that he harvests from your blood.  He mixes your stem cells with other special cells that he has on hand. He tells us that each recipe of stem cells his patients receive are specific to the individual patient. His success rate for joint problems, he says, including spinal stenosis and other degenerative joint diseases, as well as Parkinson’s and other neuro muscular diseases, is “high”. He also offers cancer treatments using stem cells. His fee is on a sliding scale, but most start at $3600 with a payment plan if needed. His patients praise him to this reporter as they all sit in the same treatment room together, getting their infusions. At the end of the treatment you are given a delicious healthy vegetable drink in his small cafeteria.

After visiting his clinic and speaking to his patients, I came away with a feeling of great hope and joy imparted to me by the people he treats and their families. Of course, we don’t have a clue what his success rate is.

Dr. Hino’s clinic can be contacted at 52 {646} 175 3607 or by email at

Lastly, we visited Sue Berman, CCH, a clinical hypnotherapist with a long standing client list in San Diego as well as in Baja. Sue became a hypnotherapist when she observed the good that it did with her son who was dying of cancer some years ago. She works with pain issues, addictions such as smoking and over eating, as well as phobias and fears. Sue has also done many past life regressions, taking her clients back to lives they may have lived centuries ago. This specific therapy has been reviewed by many psychiatrists, and the technique has been featured in a bestselling book, Many Lives Many Masters. This modality is based on the belief that phobias and paralyzing fears can best be treated by discovering their roots either in this life or some past life. Sue can be found at or 619 677 5763. ,