Bad Homeowner Habits To Break

Adding value to your house, if you can manage these


Damaging doors. Slamming your doors can have a huge impact in the long run as it can slowly pull your doors out of alignment and potentially create gaps and cracks near your exterior doors, letting air seep in and boosting your utility bill.

Harmful humidity. Showers lasting over 10 or 12 minutes at high water temperatures can increase chance of mildew and mold growing in your bathroom. Over time, this can cause the paint on your ceiling to bubble and peel from condensation.

Abusing appliances. Clean the lint tray in your dryer after every use, run the oven cleaning cycle at least once a month, and try to wipe down your stovetop and microwave regularly to avoid grease and residue build up.

Soiling surfaces After eating a meal, applying makeup, or working and playing outdoors, try to wash your hands before touching walls, cabinets, and doors Plus, make it a house rule to remove shoes at the door to avoid tracking dirt onto carpets and rugs.

Punishing pipes Regularly clean hair out of your sink and shower drains and avoid flushing cleaning wipes, paper towels, or feminine products down the toilet.

These are easy to do once you pick up the habit, and can pay off big time.