Back Off Bucko!


This poor guy! The injured party is a whale shark, a gentle giant who lives quietly and peacefully in the La Paz bay and does not expect to be run over by out of control lookie loos. But he was nicked pretty severely by a prop.

We all like to swim with these guys, they’re fun and completely harmless. But let’s observe the rules:

Speed limit of 3 knots or 5.5 km / hr. Keep a distance of 5 yards from the boat to the whale shark.

Don’t take people out if you don’t have a license.

Many unauthorized craft are nosing around out there, both private boats and businesses that do not have the proper permit.

Some local tour operators are trying to goose the authorities into patrolling the bay, but that seems to be an uphill battle. So, if you go, at least ask if you’re in the hands of a licensed business that knows the rules.

We can only hope this guy’s wounds heal themselves and he lives happily ever after. Send up a prayer for him.