Ask A Mexican

A report released earlier this year found that half of Cancun residents only go to the beach once every six months to a year. This week we asked: How often do you go to the beach?

askamex_4.JPGOmar, 29, activities coordinator

Well, as an activities coordinator, I spend the majority of my time at work on the beach playing different activities and sports with the hotel guests. So technically I am there every day! But on my own time, to relax and enjoy myself, I would say I get to the beach about four times every six months. I honestly love the beach, but not to swim. I am afraid of swimming in the ocean because of an accident I witnessed.

Aaron, 25, chemist 

When I arrived in Baja with my family, we went to beach almost 20 times a month. I guess we got bored of the beach over time and then started going a bit less frequently, but much more often than most of my friends and other family members. After two years of living here, we go about four times a month. We don’t go always to swim, but sometimes it is nice to change up the scenery and go to the beach to have lunch as a family. I don’t know if it is because of being busy work or getting bored of the beach, but we just don’t go quite as often anymore. I find the beaches of San Jose a bit disappointing compared to the ones in Cabo because they have more activities and services available.

Valentina, 13, student

I am dragged to the beach about once every two months with my family. I really don’t like going, to be honest. The sand bothers me a lot, I hate the flavor of salt in my mouth, and just everything kind of annoys me. When I go to the beach I get mad and don’t feel like actually going and have the mentality that I am not going to enjoy myself. Once I’m there, I loosen up a little and try to enjoy myself because I know I will be there all day. My brother, sister, mom and dad all love the beach so it is hard to fight them on not going.

Omar, 38, physical education teacher

Honestly, I try to go every weekend. I go more often in the summer, as I work around the school calendar. I absolutely love the beach. My wife is always blown away that I can spend the entire day outside teaching physical education burning my skin, and still want to spend the afternoon outside at the beach. I always go prepared with my food, chair, a table, towels, an umbrella, and a couple of cold ones.

Gabby, 42, school director

I go about one or twice every two months. I love the beach but with my three kids, things get complicated. I am sometimes jealous of my friends and families who go to the beach much more often. My youngest loves the beach but the two older kids are always difficult to drag out of the house.

Ariel, 24, architect and photographer

I go to the beach about 10 to 15 times every six months. I love the beach and honestly, any sort of place that allows you to interact with nature. There are so many activities you can do at the beach. Things like volleyball, swimming, yoga, and so many more. I love the beach the way it is, but I also think something a lot of beaches here lack are things that would increase the appeal and accessibility of an outdoor public space. Things like bathrooms, spaces for shade, and other things that would allow the public to enjoy and take advantage of these beautiful spaces.