Ask a Mexican

This week we asked: How were you, your family and friends affected by Tropical Storm Lidia?


Juan Rodriguez, 47, waiter

My family and I didn’t have a lot of damage to our home, but I have a lot of friends who live in a needy area, and they lost their homes. About 60 percent of my friends lost everything they have. They kept their lives, which is good, but now they’re having to start over again. I’m disappointed by the government and the politicians. We haven’t seen a lot of support from them, which is sad because a lot of people need help.

Maira Lopez, 49, cleaning lady

The water came through my house. It didn’t destroy it, but everything got wet. We lost our power and water, and still don’t have it back. We don’t know when we will get it back, we have not gotten any information. One of my neighbors lost his home. They are still on the land, but they only have some boards that they put up for shelter.

Victor Cruz, 21, waiter

The water was up to my knees, and we had a big puddle of water inside the house. A lot of the cars in the neighborhood were washed away. After the storm, there was a lot of trash, a lot of water. You couldn’t get into some of the neighborhoods because the roads were so bad. The motorcycles could go around, but not the cars.

Mario Tagle, 32, tour operator

I got a little bit of water in my house, and a little bit of damage to my yard because of the wind. I lost power and water, and still don’t have water back yet. For now, we are buying water from the water trucks and filling our tanks, which will last for about 15 days. I heard we will have water this weekend. Business has been slow, and I think people are waiting until things get cleaned up to come, or at least until the rain stops.

Adrian Beltran, 20, salesclerk

There was no damage to my home, and we only lost power for about one hour. All is good. In the store, there was just some water on the floor. The store was closed for three days, and now that it is open again, business is very slow.

Juan Pablo Becerra, 37, manager at Tequila Town

We didn’t have a lot of damage at the store, just some drywall fell off. And in front of the store, there was a lot of dust and mud. But the next day, all of the businesses, we got together to help clean everything. It took us three days, and there’s still a lot of dust.

I live five minutes from downtown, so my house wasn’t damaged. I have a friend, he lives in the colonias, and he lost everything. Right now, he’s living with his sister here in downtown. And the government isn’t helping at all, it’s just the local people helping. We took food, water, medicine to them.