Ask a Mexican

What do you think the future holds for U.S.-Mexico relations? What do you think could be done to improve them?

1. Diana Carrillo, 26, receptionist.

I think that with Trump as president, things are going to hell. Now is the time when Mexicans are the unhappiest with the government since the revolution and that sir is doing things in no way easier. I sincerely hope he does build that wall so that we can open our eyes and stop thinking the United States is so much better than us and start taking our country more seriously. He is making huge mistakes and with the impeachment, I think he is getting what he deserves.


2. Andres Sepulveda, 26, bartender.

I don’t think things will change much, it’s not like Trump is working by himself and there are some things even he will not be able to change. If we wanted to improve the relationship, we should make Mexico great again and stop people from wanting to emigrate to the U.S so bad, so Americans will stop complaining about immigrants. If AMLO was any smarter, he would stop kissing the cheeto’s butt and give our country the priority we deserve.


3. Francisco Juarez, 21, self-employed.

I think the relationship will only get worse. If we want to improve, we should do it in the agricultural aspect. Mexico should get paid more fairly for its produce because after all, it is our hands which are feeding gringos. And they hate us so much, we should step up and make them conscious of the fact that this needs to be a fair relationship. I don’t see how things can change, honestly. Our president has no balls to change things for the better in our country, why would he suddenly do it for a relationship? To make the relationship stronger both countries should get new presidents and start over, things are too damaged now.


4. Paulina Zepeda, 31, therapist.

Economically, I think Mexico shouldn’t continue to be so dependent on the U.S. We need to look for new alternatives to make our country more sustainable. But it’s complicated because many of us have family in the U.S. I think we need more dialogue because otherwise there are families that are going to go through what people in Germany went through with the Berlin Wall, with relatives on both sides who won’t be able to see each other.


5. Josue Gutierrez, 27, salesman.

I don’t know what the future holds, but we shouldn’t try to make the relationship better. I would rather make stronger relationships with other countries that have way more to offer than making things better with a neighbor who hates most of us and who is not conscious of how much they really do need us. I think the relationship should be even and consistent, with both countries working together instead of going their separate ways. But I don’t think Trump is open to dialogue. He just wants everything to be how he says it should be.


6. Diego Hurtado, 39, unemployed.

If Mexico and the U.S. worked on the drug cartel problems together, that would not only make the relationship better but also stronger. If we could work as Germany does, crime would stop and it would help both economies. It’s always been a relationship of ups and downs, but we’ve always been dependent on one another, like a mother and child attached by the umbilical cord. It’s better to be friends than enemies, but I think the Mexican government should show some character and take a stronger stance to defend our country. We can be self-sufficient. We have everything we need here in Mexico, but we’re too used to depending on the U.S. I think we should focus on consuming Mexican products and strengthen our ties with other countries.