Ask a Mexican

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Mexicans right now? What do you think can be done about it?

Alfonso Villa, 32, PR.

I think the biggest issue we face is security. Not only do we have to take care of ourselves, but we also have to watch out for the police, politicians, robbers, kidnappers, drug dealers, cartels and the list goes on. And lately, it's not only caring for us but our immediate family, distant, phone calls and stuff like that. It’s just awful. I think, we can not do much about it, because those who can help us are part of the problem.

Javier Lopez, 34, accountant.

I think the biggest problem for us is the government we are living under. The president is not only bad, but he is also very uneducated and old, and he wanted power so bad he has no idea how to handle it. I think Mexicans can do something about it if we all went up for a revolution and made our bad government change. After all, the people have the voice to do it.

Emilia Rosas, 56, amateur photographer.

The biggest problem in Mexico is the lack of quality education, which is the root of all of our problems. Look at the European countries like Finland and Sweden; they have great public education systems, which reflects on lower crime rates and the higher economy overall. It is difficult in Mexico to deal with education since it is one of the most corrupt systems, but if we took the time, we could file complaints until the whole system is changed, teacher by teacher.

Ulises Gamez, 23, unemployed.

Our biggest problem nowadays is, to get a good job you must have a degree of some sort, even for small jobs, and they’re not paid well enough to pay for college. Plus, they ask you for at least 3 years of experience but expect you to be a recent graduate so it’s just very hard and confusing. Mexicans can not do anything about it, it’s a supply and demand rule: the more people that take those jobs, the more jobs will be offered.

Iliana Barrientos, 18, receptionist.

I think one of the biggest problems we face is everything that has to do with the narc industry. From security to drugs, and everything in between is what makes this country so bad. Look at Colombia, it used to be so bad when Pablo Escobar ruled it, now it’s doing great, with its economy rising and the reputation slowly being restored.

Julia Honora, 22, student.

The biggest problem is people. We are the only thing that is wrong with the country. If you think about it, Mexico has every climate-snow, desert, forest, jungle- the most amazing produce, natural resources, great tourist spots, I mean, what else could you ask for? But we have Mexican people who have chosen Mexican representatives, government and robbers. What can we do about it? Really love our country, and work to make it better.