Ask a Mexican

What do you like most about your country? What do you like the least?

Cristina Olmos, 43, housewife.

What I like the most about my country is many things, but to just pick one, I’d have to go for its culture. Mexican culture is so rich, so amazing and powerful. The typical dances, the typical dresses, the different languages, the different cuisines all in the same country. I don’t think many countries are as diverse as mine is. What I like the least is the situation my country is going through right now. Narcs and the government are destroying Mexico and taking us with them.

Jose Lorea, 33, waiter.

I love the Mexican people. We’re always so nice, so funny, so warm and we help each other so much. Part of us as a race is the way we speak, we have a different set of accents and expressions that even if you speak Spanish you wouldn’t understand unless you were born and raised in Mexico. What I like the least is how we are a third world country even when we have the resources to be first world.

Mario Fausto, 24, dishwasher.

I would have to say that my favorite part about Mexico is the food. It’s just so, so good. And there’s so many different types of food depending on the area, you could live your life only eating a dish once or twice in your lifetime. I hate that the people are generally so ignorant and lazy that the government exploits all of us and our nation is going to hell. I also don’t like how we ourselves don’t appreciate our country and would rather go on vacation to Europe than Oaxaca.

Jimena Gonzalez, 24, receptionist.

There’s many things I love about Mexico, like the beaches and tourist-like places we have. In one country we have all five types of weather, with amazing views. I also love the folklore that comes with the traditions and dances. I don’t like how macho men are here, they think ladies should be locked up in a kitchen or having tons of babies and not look nice or depend solely on their husbands. It has been like that forever, and I have not found a man who will accept gender equality.

Helena Santos, 62, teacher.

I think that Mexico has many things that I like, I could not only choose one. Amazing places, food, species that only live here, people, traditions, etc. It is truly a great country, except that it has us, Mexicans, who don’t appreciate it enough. Also, we have a very bad educational system, which only makes matters worse because our youth is not reaching its full potential.

Luis Botello, 29, security guard.

I love Mexican food, Mexican people, Mexican partying, all of it. I hate how poor our country is, how so many people praise the U.S. and don’t see how Mexico is so much better, it makes me sick to think that if products say made in the U.S., people think they’re immediately better.