Ask a Mexican

This week we asked: Do you have pets? Have you spayed and neutered them?

Alfonso Marquez, 22, student. I have two cats and they are both fixed, because I picked them up from a garbage can on the street, someone had left them in a tied-up plastic bag, they would have died! I have never really liked cats but I had to help these two and I love them, they are both male, and I neutered them because if they got a cat lady pregnant, she would have between 8 or 12 kittens, which is a lot of responsibility and most of them are going to end up on the street anyway, so I decided to break the pattern.

AskAMexican.JPGGriselda Lopez, 62, retired. I have my dogs at my house, and none of them have been spayed. Some of the dogs come and go and when they have puppies, either I keep them here with me or my grandkids take them to their house or give them to their friends. I don’t neuter them because they are always here in the house with me, and I don’t have a problem feeding them. I have a big piece of land for them to walk around freely, and they can eat whatever I cook them with the leftovers from lunch or something like that. Food doesn’t go to waste here.

Mario Nogal, 27, driver. I have fish because I am allergic to fur, all of it and all the kinds. But I think that we should really neuter any dogs or cats we have in our community because they can become a problem later. The dogs around my neighborhood are always breaking the garbage bags and making a mess on the street, or the cats fight and make the most horrible sounds.

Juan Gudiño, 43, manager. Yes, I have two great Danes, a male and a female. I have not spayed them because I like their puppies and can always find someone who will want them. I don’t believe we should interfere with their natural circle of life. Dogs are meant to have puppies and as long as we are responsible enough to give them to good people, everything should work accordingly. There are many species that have been hunted down to extinction, if we could have bred those species like dogs are, in a home, I think that problem could have been solved in time.

Alicia Juarez, 41, secretary. I have 14 dogs and a lot of cats. I volunteer in a rescue program and yes, all of my pets are neutered because things are getting out of control. I think it’s the greatest act of love for animals, to keep them from having a bad life and the only way we can guarantee that, is by making sure no more babies come to suffer on the streets. I spay my pets as soon as I can and even the ones I foster, there are excellent free campaigns.

Teresa Vidal, 52, merchant. I don’t have enough money to spay my pets, but when I see my dog humping other dogs, I immediately call him off. I have three dogs around the ranch and they have never had puppies. Sometimes, we make special aprons for the male, so he doesn’t hump the females, because we know we can not take another 8 dogs.