Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: Do you like eating entrails and other less common parts of animals?

Jose Uriz, 43, driver Oh no. I hate the fact that when you walk around at night, you can smell frying tripe anywhere you go. I don’t understand how so many people love to eat those parts, but my father loves eyeball tacos! I have the worst image of him chewing it and grease coming down his chin, so maybe that’s part of the reason. The most adventurous thing I’ve eaten is crickets and I didn’t hate them, but I don’t think I would eat them again.


Mirna Madrigal, 42, housewife Of course I do! They get a bad reputation because of the strong smell, but the taste is nowhere near as bad as the smell. I personally love menudo after a long night, and it is just the right thing to eat. It makes my stomach so happy and that makes me happy at the same time. The fact that entrails are so cheap, hearty, and healthy makes them even more appealing to me, which is why I don’t understand why some people hate them. Maybe they have never really tried them.


Hugo Acosta, 43, manager I do, but I have not always liked them. When I was young, my mother would cook a special dish that everyone loved and it had liver, heart and lungs all finely chopped together. So I ate that happily not knowing what was in it, until one day I saw my mom prepare it. That is when I started hating entrails. But she wouldn’t let me hate them and she made me eat her dish and then started making me help her prep it until one day she took me to a taco place that only served entrails tacos and I had no choice. I can relate to those who hate them, and I can say for sure they should give entrails a second chance.


Miriam Juarez, 28, teacher I do not like them at all. Plus, I have read that entrails are too fatty. I think the people who eat them are the same who don’t care about their diet. When I see the entrails in the market, all I can think of is the functioning organ. But the thing I hate the most are feet. Pigs feet are the worst. I mean, pigs walk around their pens and they’re not clean, you know? Even if you wash them and brush them, it just makes me nervous.


Luis Boris, 18, unemployed I don’t hate them, but I don’t love them. I mean I can eat a meat taco that has something chopped in it, like lung or heart, and I won’t pick it out, it tastes okay. I am a huge fan of cueritos, though I suppose that is a little unconventional. The pigs skin is cleaned and then pickled, and it tastes so awesome and it’s so crunchy. Mexico has a long-standing tradition with eating every single part of the animals we consume, and I think that is awesome.


Guadalupe Juarez, 22, student Oh, I hate them, I can’t even go near moronga which is a blood sausage. It smells great and my aunt is known for her moronga dish, but I just can’t bring myself to eat it. Sometimes even eating meat is a little hard if I think about it too much, it feels a little ridiculous but that is honestly how I feel. My dad mocks me and sometimes grabs a pig’s nose when we are at the market and puts it on his face like a clown. It just grosses me out.