Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: What will you be doing this summer?

Amador Garcia, 62, field worker

Summers are a little hard when it comes to working in the field, because the sun is so hot and there is little wind. The crop we specialize in is tomatos and the picking is a little hard because you have to be gentle and it takes a little longer than other crops, like maize. There is also this weird raining that used to happen later in the season but it’s lately ruining the crops, so we have to clean up the fields faster. The upside to the summer is that my sons come to town and it’s nice to see them, but they don’t want to come to work with me anymore.

Donaldo Ramirez, 58, night guard

My job is the same through the year, but in the summer when the kids are out of school we have to pay closer attention in case they want to go into the park at times when they are not allowed or be careful not to fall into their pranks. Last summer we had to work double shifts for some summer festivals, but the bosses haven’t told us anything about this year yet.

Dalia Lopez, 36, nurse

I change my shifts in the summer because my kids are on vacation from school and my mom can’t help me watch them in the mornings, so I stay at home until lunch and then take them to their grandparents’ house and work the middle shift (2:30 pm to 10 pm). We get a lot of accidents during the summer too, mostly drunk drivers and kids who hurt themselves because of bad supervision.

Eduardo Gomez, 33, campaign coordinator

This summer I am in charge of a political campaign and I have to do many things, like drive people to wave the party flag at certain places, make sure the candidate I am supporting gets to where he must safely, go to meetings and plan events at the district he is going for. Now, for example I am setting up a lucha libre event fund raising event, and I must make sure the people who set out the ring are in time, the fighters are okay, and the music and speakers are set up. Summer is my busiest time because elections are July first.

Enrique Orozco, 28, accountant

This summer I am taking on a part time job helping other accountants who have slacked off the rest of the year because taxes are due in the winter. I have everything in order in my office, but some of my colleagues don’t because they have family obligations they must take care of the rest of the year. I have no kids, so I don’t face that problem. My niece is studying accounting as well and she asked me to give her and some of her friends some extra courses, their teachers are not all that great and there are some things they need to improve on .I also help my other sister watch her son in the mornings at my office. I give him crayons and paper and once he gets too bored, I let him use one of the iPads, so he can stay quiet until his mom comes.

Mirna Lomeli, 35, teacher

During the summer I usually take a small job in some sort of camp or summer course since I am out on vacation too, but I try to relax as much as possible. I also have to go to some training  thing my school organizes for teachers to update their teaching methods and at the end the principal takes us to a two day camp and a big dinner.