Artist Studio Tour

In Los Barriles, East Cape


We all love to take a peek into the lives of those we admire. Here is your chance to take a peek at the studios of some of the artists who reside in the Los Barriles area. Do you see the inspiration in their studio? Can you get a feel for who the artist is by their studio? Take the opportunity on February 12, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., to see the studios of 15 of different artists who reside in the Los Barriles area. And to make it even better, many of the homes will showcase the works of more than one artist, giving you the opportunity of seeing the work of up to 30 different artists! Artists on the tour vary from fabric, jewelry, bead or soft goods medium, oil and watercolor paintings, ceramic and pottery and wood or rocks, just to name a few. Artists include Mary Naylor (artist for the poster), Elizabeth Perkins with some one of a kind silver and precious stone jewelry, Victoria’s Sunny Dresses with her Baja perfect clothing, Steven King the artist, not the author, Christine Kenck Design and her Mexican Folkloric sewn creations, Michele Melehes with her up-cycled indigenous Guatemala clothing to contemporary clothes, Tessa Nisbet custom knits, Tehroma Lask art, and José Barchi art – just to name a few. We will have several new stops on the tour with new artist studios.

In the previous 9 years, artist studio tours have become a favorite event for many in the Baja Sur. Friends meet and tour the studios while enjoying drinks or treats at many of the homes. You linger, visit, shop and snack. You can also see many of the artists in action as they work right there! Don’t miss this great opportunity to enjoy, view and purchase some great works of art. Being a couple days before Valentine’s Day you can get your shopping done while enjoying the tour. Get gifts for your loved ones, or yourself!

Parking is easy and provided at each studio, and many of the studios are within walking distance of each other. You just get your tickets and maps at Baja Properties in Los Barriles from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on February 12, closing at 1 p.m. to ensure that you have plenty of time to be able to get to all the homes on the tour. It is even a drive-thru ticket booth, so we are really making it easy! The ticket booth location will be well marked and is easy to find in Los Barriles. Tickets are just $5 USD or 100 pesos.

The Studio Tour is one of the major fundraisers of the Asociación de Artes del Mar Cortez, an official Mexican Non-Profit corporation that provides art and school supplies, art programs, Saturday art and financially supports sports programa at Easter and Cursos de Verano for East Cape Children. 

If you would like more information on the show, contact organizers at or check out our website at