An Art Lover’s Dream

San Jose’s Gallery District offers 14 spaces full of fine art

San Jose’s Art Walk is a weekly event held within the Gallery District of downtown San Jose. The Art Walk is one of the most popular events in Los Cabos, taking place every Thursday evening, from 5:00 to 9:00 pm, between the months of November and June.

This event was established, promoted and organized by the art galleries of the Gallery District Association in the hopes of drawing art lovers and tourists into the charming and color-filled back streets behind the church.

In the past decade, San Jose’s Gallery District has become internationally recognized for its thriving art scene. And the Art Walk has become so popular that the local government closed the main street of Obregon to traffic in order to accommodate all of the attendees.

Enjoy the art walk with a stroll through the Gallery District, visiting the art galleries, many of which provide free wine, and then dining at one of the many neighborhood restaurants. Galleries will often have special events such as artists in attendance or openings of new exhibitions.

And there is always entertainment in the streets! With the ever-growing popularity of the art walk, downtown San José is bustling on Thursday evenings. But the heart, soul and sophistication of this weekly event lies within the art galleries located on Guerrero, Obregon, Morelos, Hidalgo and Comonfort streets.

The 14 official Gallery District art galleries collectively represent an impressive roster of both local and international contemporary artists with original work, including paintings, sculpture, photography and prints. Among these art galleries, there are also shops housing the works by the top folk artists and artisans of Cabo and Mexico.

If Thursday night doesn’t work with your travel schedule, most of the galleries are open every day of the week. Visitors are welcomed to stroll the streets of the Gallery District at their leisure.

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