Art District Gets New Gallery

Check it out during the next Art Walk

A new art gallery has opened in San Jose’s Art District, one that’s owned and operated by the very artists whose works hang on the walls. Galeria Cabo8 is the work of a group of Los Cabos artists who call themselves the Cabo 8. These artists include Hugo Aguilar, Alberto Padilla, Edgar Zamora, Fernando Nafarrete, Leo de Albarracin, Mamanchatte, Marco Bejarano and Piero Milani. 

The gallery opened a few months ago but just recently celebrated its official grand opening. The artists of Cabo 8 each have his or her own artistic style, which brings a certain level of diversity to their gallery. You’ll see everything from paintings (in several different styles, ranging from realism to modernist), sculpture and photography.

cabo8_0.JPGIf you stop by the gallery (located on Alvaro Obregon Street in the Art District, across the street from Mi Casa restaurant), you’ll have the chance to talk to at least one of the Cabo 8 members. Each of the artists takes turns manning the gallery, but you can often find more than one artist there at a time. They are very eager and more than willing to talk about their art and the mission of Cabo 8.

Ensuring the quality of their art is one of the main priorities of the Cabo 8 members. They believe art should be more than just finishing a painting and hoping someone buys it, which is why Hugo, the group’s founder, is motivated to inspire others to care more deeply about art.

The members of Cabo 8 are more than just business partners, they are also very good friends, which is one of the main reasons for the cohesion within the group. Each artist brings something different to the gallery, as they come from different parts of the world, including Mexico, Bolivia and Italy. Currently, all eight members are full time Los Cabos residents and full time artists (meaning they make their living exclusively from their works of art). Their pieces range in price from about $1,000 to $10,000 USD.

As a way to give back to the community, the group donates 15% of its sales to charity. Last year, they gave roughly $1,100 to Casa Hogar. This year the group wants to give back to local families on a more personal level, and is working on a charitable project that should be ready to give by the end of this season. You can get updates on this project, and the gallery, by following their Facebook page at