Is That An Apple Store?

Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not the same as in the U.S.

For those of you who have an iPhone, iPad, Macbook or any other Apple device (and, that’s a lot of you, considering that more than half the households in the United States have at least one Apple product) we have some interesting information for you. A new MacStore has opened in the Puerto Paraiso mall in Cabo.


Now, there are a couple things we want to point out to you. First, it’s a MacStore, not an Apple store, which is what we have back in the States. The difference is that if you buy something from the MacStore you’re buying from a Mexican franchise that sells Apple products, not Apple itself. However, employees tell us that your MacStore warranty is international, which means it will be honored at Apple stores back in the States.

Second, signs on the storefront bill it as a “Premium Apple Reseller.” Initially we thought this meant the merchandise was all refurbished and recycled Apple products; you know, outdated iPods and laptops that have been patched together from pieces of other computers. But employees assured us that this is not the case; the products in the store are new, not pre-owned.

Even though it’s not actually an Apple store, the MacStore has the look and feel of one. It has the same monochromatic white and grey color scheme, the same sleek, minimalist tables and counters. And there’s a whole herd of techies and computer geeks who are waiting to answer your questions (although not all of them speak English, so have the Google Translate app ready on your phone).

The store offers everything from iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and Macbook Airs, and accessories like chargers, cords, phone cases and headphones. And if your Mac craps out on you while you’re in Cabo and you need it fixed right away, the MacStore has a team of computer geeks who can usually repair it.

However, if your computer is completely fried and you need to replace it, the MacStore is not the place to go to buy a new one. All the laptops have Spanish operating systems and keyboards, so unless you’re completely bilingual, forget it.

The iPhones and iPads are also in Spanish, but their settings can easily be switched to English. So if yours breaks while you’re down here and you just can’t live without it, go ahead and get it from the MacStore. But be warned, you’ll pay a higher price than you would back in the States (import fees and all that). For example, the 32 gigabyte iPhone SE, which is basically a redesigned iPhone 5, costs $495 USD; on it’s $399. And a 32 gig iPhone 6 is $673; sells it for $549.

And if you get to Cabo and realize that your phone charger is still plugged in back home (which we imagine is the reason why most of our people will need to visit the MacStore) that will cost you from between $30 to $60 USD, depending on the brand you get. They have Apple chargers as well as Belkin products, which are less expensive.

If you want to check out the MacStore and what it has to offer for yourself, it’s on the top floor of the mall, in the outdoor courtyard.