10 Things You Didn’t Know

There will be a test

#1 Land’s End is not the southern most point.

Yes the iconic arch is a beautiful symbol of the southern tip. It is not however the southern most point. That distinction goes to Cabo Falso a few miles west and a smidge more south. That is the point where the Pacific begins at the old Lighthouse. This was the first permanent structure built in 1905. It was decommissioned when the new lighthouse was built on the top of the mountain. The old lighthouse has been surrounded by the Quivira golf course to the disappointment of the local history buffs as well as the public which legally should be able to access it. It was once a favorite area for ATV tours. The owner of the Pueblo Bonitos gets away with blocking it off for himself because he has clout with the government.

The reason this more southern point is a surprise, is most of us don’t realize how much our peninsula goes east as it goes south.

#2 Our state has the most beaches in Mexico.

The beaches in Baja California Sur are amazing and very clean of flotsam and jetsam is due to the remoteness and the prevailing ocean currents. To the south of Cabo you will have to go 12,863 km or just under 8,000 miles until you reach land in Antarctica. So do not swim south. To the west is Hawaii 4718 km or about 3,000 miles. The state coastline measures 2230, just under 1400 miles. That makes it Mexico’s longest state coastline with 22% of the total. It also has the most islands, predominately in the Gulf of California. Side note; our Sea of Cortez has a nickname- El Acuario Del Mundo (The aquarium of the world.) Mexicans prefer to call the Sea of Cortez el Golfo de California due to the nasty, murderous reputation of Hernán Cortés.

#3 BCS is the least crowded state in Mexico.

With all the new hotels and developments popping up all over the place one could mistakenly think we are getting crowded. Especially on Medano Beach during Spring Break. But BCS has the lowest density of any state in Mexico and a huge amount of land with 73,909, (28,536) and less than 1 million inhabitants. Another reason to rent a Jeep and go adventuring.

#4 We are the newest state in Mexico.

Baja California Sur is the newest state admitted into Mexico October 8, 1974. Until then it was known as El Territorio Sur de Baja California (Southern Territory of Baja.) We were similar to the territory of Puerto Rico to the USA, except we received better aid and respect from our sovereign nation. The year 1974 was a big deal as that was when Highway 1 was completed and the year the San Lucas marina was opened.

#5 We own the luxury category for resorts.

We have four of the top 100 resorts in the world according to Condé Nast and have the highest average hotel rates in Mexico at $300 a night, plus a heavy hotel tax of 13% plus the IVA of 16% Ouch! But that higher cost and level of luxury gives us a unique experience and highest quality of restaurants, yacht charters, activities, tours and infrastructure. You don’t have to stay in the top four luxury resorts to have an amazing stay as there is a wide range of great properties in every price category.

#6 We have beautiful mountains.

People know us for our ample supply of clean beaches, the bio diversity of our waters, the epic fishing and the world class golfing. Most don’t know us for our amazing mountain ranges. These mountains are up to 2,080 meters, (6,820 feet) in the Sierra de la Lagunas. There are many waterfalls, hot springs and swimming holes in which to choose. So on your next visit be sure to explore the mountain towns of Miraflores, Santiago, el Triunfo and Aqua Calientes. The name means The lakes of the Sierras but that is due to the ancient lake beds high up in the mountain range. Today there are no natural lakes.

#7 Los Cabos is exploding in growth.

You may know there are new hotels by the numerous cranes up and down the corridor. What you didn’t know is there are 20+ major developments currently underway within Los Cabos. The international jet setters have discovered just how wonderful we have it here on our desert by the sea. The big boy luxury companies are ‘all in’ with some massive plans. Names like Montage, Ritz Carlton Reserve, The Luxury Collection at Solaz, St Regis Los Cabos, Cesar’s Palace, Nobu Hotel, Hard Rock, Aman Resorts, Park Hyatt and two separate Four Seasons are either in construction or being planned. If you are missing the simple ways of the old Cabo don’t despair all you need to do is rent a Jeep and head out to Cerritos, Cabo Pulmo, Ventanas or Pescadero. There are plenty of wonderful boutique hotel options all over the southern tip, so remember you have options.

#8 Almost everyone in Los Cabos is from somewhere else.

Cabo San Lucas used to be a small, sleepy fishing village of a few thousand lucky souls. Today there are people from all over the world living and working in Los Cabos. If you are over 25 years old you are most likely from somewhere else. In our neighborhood alone we have friends from Italy, Britain, Spain, Poland, Columbia, Chile, Brazil and of course Canada, USA and Mexicans from all over Mexico. You never know which language will be spoken at the pool. Fortunately for us most speak decent English. Side note - this diversity brings a great wealth and variety of restaurants.

#9 Mount Solmar is really Cerro Del Vigia.

The mountain above the arch is commonly called Mount Solmar due to the original hotel Solmar built by Luis Bulnes. Long before this fishing lodge was built, the 560 foot mountain was called El Vigía or the Watcher. This was an ideal lookout for incoming galleons of pirates or even worse Spanish missionaries

The Arch is part of the oldest rock formation that dates back an estimated 84 million years. That makes it truly old and appears to be sculpted sand stone but is in fact ancient granite. The whole peninsula splintered from the mainland of Mexico approximately 4 million years ago during a giant seismic event that is still active today, and is called the San Andreas Fault.

You can hike up to the top of El Vigia, and many people do, but there is no plainly marked trail. Amazing, given the number of people who hike up there, but everyone picks a different path so there is no worn way up there. Until just a couple of years ago there was a cross planted up there but during Spring Break it was broken off and found at the bottom of the hill.

#10 Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach have a dubious origin.

Originally the two beaches had just one name Playa Doña Chepita. The old time Choyeros (local Cabo residents who were born here), still use this term to refer to the beach that was used for the oldest business in the world. Yes Seniorita Doña Chepa was a working girl who used this isolated area to sell her services to the fishermen of the area. Once the wives found out about their husbands’ proclivities they were possibly going to end up divorciado. The name Playa Amor was an inside joke that the Gringos mistook as Lover’s Beach and the wider Pacific beach became Playa Divorcio or Divorce Beach. In any event this is a place of romance both innocent and unsavory.

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