That’s What Friends Are For!

And animal friends come through

The ciclovia was quieter than usual last Sunday morning, as it was Mexican Independence Day and many revelers were sleeping in. The ciclovia means cycle thing or something close to that. The main street in downtown Cabo is closed to traffic and people ride their bicycles up and down the street.

But there was a dedicated group of animal friends and volunteers eager to join in the third 5k walk/run. It was a CaminADA fundraiser for Amigos de Los Animales (ADA). And they were there not only as animal lovers but to support their friend, the founder and president of ADA, Irais Hernandez.

Ciclovia.JPGMs. Hernandez, an avid cat and dog lover, founded ADA in 2015 to raise awareness of the necessity for good medical care, protection and compassion for the cats and dogs of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose. Her aim is also to work in conjunction with the state municipality to pass legislation supporting penalties for harming animals, specifically domestic cats and dogs.

Ms. Hernandez thinks big. Her dream for ADA is to raise funds to build the first public veterinary hospital to serve San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas proper. According to Ms. Hernandez, 80% of the local population has limited funds so private clinics are not an option when their pet needs medical attention or when a stray pet is rescued off the streets and needs medical help.

And equally important, due to an enormous stray dog population of at least 15 dogs per person in Cabo proper, the proposed public vet clinic will be offering free neuter and spay for cats and dogs.

When asked how Amigos de los Animales will be able to afford the services of a veterinarian based on a donations-only fee system, Hernandez explained the veterinarian will be culled from a roster of highly qualified and compassionate vet interns just prior to graduation from the nearby Universidades de BCS veterinarian school in La Paz.

One of the volunteers who demonstrated his commitment to Ms. Hernandez’ goals and enjoyed the walk at the CaminADA last Sunday was Rudy Rosales, who explained, "Our state, BCS, has an oversight committee, the Comite pro Animales, which was created on behalf of all our mammals and even creatures like sea turtles. Our association, Amigos de Los Animales, is one of the associations under oversight created to address animal cruelty, protection and quality of life.” He continued, ”I perceive the proposed public hospital to be control central: we will be, in a generic sense, the safe house for abused, injured, abandoned and sick animals that need medical attention.” Upon discharge, the facility will turn to local shelters and adoption agencies to house these recovering animals until they find safe, loving homes.

Man’s best friends, both dogs and cats, have a friend in Los Amigos de Los Animales. And, like the 5k walk on a holiday Sunday morning in downtown Cabo, the public hospital for those with pets in need will come to fruition one step at a time.


What ada needs:

Pick-up truck/vehicle to transport animals and supplies


Purchase of lot and construction of hospital:

$30 million pesos ($1.6 million USD approx.)


What you can do:

Donate to ADA Vet Hospital

Sponsor fundraising events

Donate vehicle for transport



Irais Hernandez, President and Founder

(624)175 2498