Ask a Mexican

 Ask a Mexican

Tourist destinations in Mexico are suffering another wave of COVID. Although at first many people were fighting to be open again, now the consequences seem to have taken a dark turn. The vaccination campaign is on its course, but what do you think?

Giovanni Sanchez, 23, funeral home assistant. 

In my line of work, I have seen COVID face to face way more times than I hoped for. It’s not a joke and the circumstances for the funerals are very, very sad. We as a culture have a different approach to death, and having to deal with it in such a small way is very strange for us and our traditions. I think it was a smart move to open up everything again, but I think we should have had stricter rules, to begin with. There is no shame in traveling, but many people are very self-absorbed and think with their tourist money they can get away with everything. It’s sad because we, the locals are suffering but with fuller pockets in some cases. 

Marta Sevilla, 46, airport worker. 

The flow of people in our destination has helped so much. We all needed it. The only problem is, some of those people don’t have the same respect for others and some are even in the group of people who believe COVID is a scam. I know we are all entitled to our opinion and we have personal rights, but not when it comes to this. Benito Juarez (Mexican president from 1857 to 1872) said “el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz” (respect for the rights of others is peace) and I think tourists should respect our right to stay healthy. This could have been good if we followed all the rules, but we didn’t. 

Silvia Corrales, 52, event planner. 

I think we all needed to open up. Most people I know are vaccinated and we mainly deal with people who have been vaccinated. This is never going away; it will have to become part of our lives and we couldn’t stay closed forever. I have lost many close people to the virus and I understand the risks but I take care of myself and whoever I can. I follow each and every protocol and don’t allow any of my clients to break them. I have lost some clients as well, but I would rather be safe and do my part. 

Javier Alcaraz, 47, carpenter. 

We need to reactivate our local economy. That’s no lie. I had to close my shop and I am not even directly in contact with tourism. It was very hard. I think we can work something out and be very smart with the help of our government, but that’s not going to happen so it’s up to us to follow protocols and be responsible. I got the vaccine as soon as I could. I got my wife and kids to get it too; they didn’t want to. One of my sons says it’s a hoax and I told him we wouldn’t see him until he got it. He’s a mamma’s boy so he did. It’s not even hard to follow protocols; the only annoying thing was the mask but I think we all got used to it by now. 

Pedro Torres, 42, gatekeeper. 

Our tourist destinations are what brings money to the country and we need it. It does suck that we have a second wave and that so many people are dying and losing hope of seeing an end to this, but the only way through is through protocols. I know some people from first-world countries feel like they can do anything because they are fully vaccinated, and they don’t take into account that most of us are not. Most of them are very kind and follow protocols and just needed time off in our destinations, and that’s completely acceptable. Some others make faces when asked to keep their distance or wear a mask, and that’s okay too; at the end of the day, they are here and have to behave. 

Natalia Acuña, 28, telemarketer. 

I don’t think we should have opened the destinations internationally so soon. We deserve a government that is responsible enough to take care of us, and they just let us fend for ourselves. We needed to control this first. Now we are even in deeper trouble and the economy didn’t even get better. I think travelers should be more considerate and not come. No one dies from not travelling overseas. ,