Why Work With a Relocation Specialist?


Want to buy a property in ENGLISH? Want to have the process explained in English? Want to know how to get your bank trust document translated?

Want help relocating – getting utilities set up, phone, cable, Wifi? Want the names of tradespeople and services and which ones speak English? Once you find your dream property and have an accepted offer, all the rest of your questions will threaten to derail a happy ‘landing’ … Like … oops, how do I wire the money? How do I open a bank account? Where will I find furniture? Do you know someone to do my hair/nails/massage? What about flowerpots? Fertilizer for my plants? Someone to maintain my pool?

To manage my property when I am away? How about someone to rent it? Should I get permanent residency? Where can I go to see a doctor? How about a dentist? How will I meet people? Is there a social club? How about yoga? A gym? What about a seamstress? Where can I rent a kayak?

Loads of questions will start to haunt you and you will soon wish that you had a friend to help you along your journey. Very soon you will know the answers to these questions and you will be helping other newcomers yourself but in the beginning, all these questions can be overwhelming. That’s why you should consider Heather Borquez for handling all your real estate needs. Not only is she a Realtor, licensed and certified by the State of Baja California Sur, and an active member of AMPI (Mexican Association of Professional Realtors) but she is also a Relocation Specialist and will guide you through the purchasing process as well as through your initial relocation.

Heather has done it before. As part of her earlier career with the UN and Plan International, she was posted and reposted many times, from Guatemala, to Canada, to Senegal, to England, to the Dominican Republic, to Tanzania and back to Canada. She has done it herself with kids and husband in tow … having to land on her feet in a strange new country – get kids in school, house furnished, find the office, find the grocery store, get laundry and dry cleaning done, make friends, and learn the basics of the local language. Somehow along the way, she came up with a system for relocating and relocate quickly, and this system has paid dividends as she now helps newcomers to Baja to find their dream property and get settled into their homes and happily into the community.