Who Cares If You’re Only Third If You’re The Big Bucks Winner?


Team Tranquilo, a boat load of happy fishermen from Costa Rica, were the big winners in the Bisbee Black & Blue, bringing in a blue marlin weighing only 327 pounds. A baby, for crying out loud. This was a very slow Bisbee tournament, although the fishing has been great lately. Just not on those particular three days. The Tranquilo team earned $2,511,462, the second-highest single team payout in the 35 year history of the tournament. That little guy was only good for third place, but they took home the biggest pot of money because they had bet on all but one optional jackpots on the first day.  The same team won the little Bisbee, the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, earlier this month, boating another rather modest 399 pound black marlin that earned them $460,200, which was another record for this smaller tournament. They fished from a 57 foot Spencer they chugged up from Costa Rica in Michael Moretti was the hero of the team. The overall purse this year was just over $3.5 million.

 A Canadian contingent from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Team Catching A Buzz, caught the biggest fish of the week. The 500 pound blue marlin earned the team a check for $356,225.

Team Five More Minutes, from Texas, took home $156,937 after landing a 356 pound blue marlin for second place aboard Whata

A  total of 945 anglers fished for three days from 121 teams, and caught 44 blue marlin and one black.