Where Will San José del Cabo Grow?


San José has the form of growth that changed from the master plan made by Fonatur (1977), and the limitation of the great San José creek, forced growth linearly to the airport, with almost all land being largely owned of the San José Ejido (farmers co-ownership), who have been fortunate enough to organize themselves and take advantage of the change with the change of law, Reform to Article 27 Constitutional and The Incorporation of The Ejidal Lands to the Legal Market of Urban Soil in Mexico.

In this way, they integrated large polygons and transferred it to a Real Estate Company, giving solutions to the lack of territorial reserve by the municipality, growing in an orderly and legally feasible way.

They have given several great exclusive listings to M&R Marketing and Real Estate. Thus the IMPLAN (organism of the municipal government of Los Cabos, for urban planning) has worked intelligently in ordering the use of land that allows integral planning between the infrastructure resources and the best functioning so that the expenditure of the municipality can be controlled and as efficient as possible. https://implanloscabos.mx/

So we have no other option but to take advantage of the flatter areas on the west side of the highway, so that little by little the population grows, especially in the construction of housing for social and medium interest. We need efficient bridges and roads that cross the road.

On the side of Cabo San Lucas, there was also another Ejido that sold most of the plots in El Tezal behind Costco, and that is why this area has developed a lot, but without good road planning.

The tourist corridor is not part of any Ejido, this was rather from private owners, many ranchers, who sold their large extensions to development, such as Cabo del Sol, to Palmilla.

Towards the Tourist Corridor, it was given use of land of lower density and the cost is higher, due to the proximity to the beach, so that the pyramid of the economic capacity of acquisition, takes this area to values of medium plus housing, and for luxury tourism, so it will grow according to the available zones of the highway towards the sierra, which is being developed little by little. For example the new development of Ladera San José, which we are proud to be part of, and your offer of modern houses and condominiums with ocean views will soon be made public, and with a beautiful and large social club. Lookup: www.ladera.mx

It would be interesting to consider the new developers of projects over 20 hectares, are given government benefits in exchange to build housing for their employees, have their own schools, and a better quality of life. On the other side of the San José stream, it is also the land of the San José Real Estate, formerly an “Ejido” land that was regularized for sale with the mentioned company, but the crossing of the stream makes it unattractive, due to the risk of being trapped on that side, and because there is only one bridge that crosses from San José downtown to Puerto Los Cabos, and the services are carried out in a very flaky way. We need more bridges so that this area grows. In M&R we have several properties to develop overlooking the sea, and several lots for housing of medium interest and social interest, as well as strategic commercial corners.

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