Triennale Tijuana 2020 Comes to Cabo



An event that will put Tijuana in the eyes of the art world will extend to Cabo this year.

This Triennale will be a reference to know what is happening now and showcase the most current works from around the world.

Álvaro Blancarte, one of the most important contemporary artists in Mexico, announced Sunday during a press conference that the submissions procedures and deadlines for the First Triennale Tijuana International Pictorial will be published shortly. This Triennale will be an event to promote the development of artists’ work by proposing and attempting to conceive a new way to view and understand Contemporary Art in general, and painting in particular.

Blancarte said he considers Los Cabos as an area where the plastic and visual arts can be catapulted to a large audience and, beyond the effort that is being made in San José del Cabo, the Yandi Monardo Art Gallery is the heart of the effort to promote art and culture in Cabo San Lucas, which is why Blancarte chose this gallery to make the announcement of the Tijuana Triennale. This art festival will congregate great painters from all over the world; furthermore, the Triennale will have unique elements such as a prize of close to $60,000 for the winner and there are two honorable mentions with prizes of close to $15,000 each, with which the prize purse for event surpasses other festivals. He also mentioned the Triennale will see that the qualifying paintings represent the work of men and women equally, seeking equal participation of both genders, likewise the curators who will constitute the jury will have equitable representation of gender.

The main objective of this Triennale is to showcase what is currently being done in the world of painting. During the press conference, Blancarte acknowledged that in Los Cabos there are many talented artists to whom he extends an invitation to participate in this important forum of pictographic expression.

The details for participation in the Triennale will be published at the end of August and the art festival will be inaugurated in October 2020 during the anniversary of the CECUT (Centro Cultural Tijuana), a center recognized by Mexico’s governmental cultural authorities as the most important cultural center in the northwest of the country, which will host the Triennale. Blancarte pointed out that CECUT will open all its venues for the Triennale and that part of the works will tour to Los Cabos and other places in Mexico such as Guadalajara and Mexico City, as part of an itinerant sample of the Triennale.

The paintings of Alvaro Blancarte can be admired at the Yandi Monardo Art Gallery, located inside Luxury Avenue, at the Mall. The exhibit of more than 30 pieces by Blancarte, including some of his most recent works, which are part of the series "Perros;" a tribute from Blancarte to the Aztec Dog God – Xolotl, who was the twin brother of  Quetzalcoatl – the Feathered Serpent, can be admired free of charge in the walkways adjacent to the gallery.

Blancarte has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Mexico and abroad since 1964. He was selected in the National Salon of Fine Arts of Mexico’s National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA), in 1980 and the Biennale DINA (INBA) in 1981. Participated in ART EXPO 85 in New York, as well as inSITE 94, Estandartes 96 International Exhibition, San Diego-Tijuana Collective. Yokohama, Japan in 1994 and in the Great Collective 2000 of Baja California. His mural work highlights “América Unida por el Arte”, a collective mural made in Panama in 1993. The mural "Medicina Azteca" in Gaza Palestine in 1998. The mural “Origenes” in the lobby of the CECUT theater in 1995. The mural “Entrada” located in the walkway that joins San Isidro, CA with Tijuana, BC in 2015 and the mural “Cuando los Dioses Crearon a las Ballenas” in downtown Cabo San Lucas in 2018. For information and to sign up contact: ,