Stem Cell Clinic Opens New Facility

The well-known health care professionals are turning their expertise to preventative and regenerative medicine

PRMedica has been a pioneer in presenting stem cell therapy in San Jose.

They became well known from free informational seminars produced last winter that attracted hundreds of people. They were able to turn those numbers into a decent crowd of people who signed up for what could loosely be called stem cell treatments.

Actually they could more accurately be called PRP treatments, (platelet rich therapy), where your own blood is drawn out, whirled around until the platelets in the blood are concentrated, then injected back in. With more platelets concentrated in less blood, your healing time is shortened.

But now PRMedica is presenting real stem cell treatments, according to Dr. Scarlett Galina. PRMedica is now using stem cells that are taken from the placenta produced when a baby is born, when the cells are so young they can be accepted by an adult’s system as their own. These cells have an amazing ability to share their new life with us old people. 

All stem cells in Mexico are harvested in a specialized lab in Guadalajara, flown over here over night in an Igloo like cooler just like donated organs are flown around, and infused into the arms of the recipients.

PRMedica is injecting these cells into joints as so many stem cell practitioners are doing, but their second clinic, this one on the top floor of Blue Net Hospital, is all about looking rejuvenated and preventative solutions.

 “This season they will be providing regenerative packages on a scope that only a global medical tourism company would attempt,” Dr. Galina tells us. “We book everything, from flying the clients down, providing private and personal transportation while they’re here, booking them into a five star ocean front hotel, and when they’re finished with a five day course of pampering, they go back home looking more ‘rested’ than any beach holiday could ever attain.” Very young, immature  stem cells injected into the face can do an amazing job of rejuvenating the appearance, through fibroblasts that release your collagen, we’re assured. Packages start at around $5000 USD, and this includes a spa day for the patient and companion.

Another package, completely different, but still using PRMedica’s knowledge of stem cells, is for people who have no specific complaint, but who want to feel tip top. You can feel on top of the world again. “Our patients can feel like the age of their new stem cells, almost like kids again,” she says.

We learned stem cells can give an energy boost, an improved mood, relief of pain, improvement in circulation, better skin and hair appearance, and better response to medical treatments. These packages start at about the same price, and as with all packages, there is a price for locals who don’t need flight or hotel.

So, maybe we should all be taking advantage of the miracles of modern medicine? After all, most of us can remember when we were marveling at many of the miraculous procedures we now take for granted. Maybe this is just one more step towards living forever.