Scott Parsons Dead At 78

rev2_0.jpgScott Parsons died suddenly at his home on the last day of 2018. He was 78 years old. He had a history of heart trouble.

He was born in Salem, Massachusetts and had two siblings, Cynthia, now deceased, and Alan. He is also survived by his son, Allan Bennett, granddaughter Elizabeth Bennett, niece Kim Legelis and her children Cynthia and JJ. He was never married.

As a young man, Scott enjoyed his family summer home in Marblehead Massachusetts, earning money for his first car by trapping and selling lobsters from his small row boat. He went to Massachusetts University for one year but quit to enlist in the Air Force where he was stationed in the Philippines and learned just enough Tagalog to ask the basics, such as "Magkakaroon ka ba ng sex sa akin?" (will you have sex with me?). He remembered this phrase to his last day but couldn’t remember how to say water.

He did not enjoy his Air Force experience but valued it more in later years as he used the VA medical facility in Houston.

During his 20s and in full hippie mode, he moved to San Francisco. Those were his partying years, he was fun and dynamic, with something going on every day and he earned his living throwing parties. He even had Jim Morrison play at one of his events early in his career. He loved those years and talked about them often.

He met his long time friend Bill Morgan, the founder of North Beach Leather, in San Francisco, working with him to help create the North Beach Leather brand. They opened stores in most major cities across the US and that is how he ended up in Houston, staying for about 20 years. But NBL became a more corporate business than he liked so he tried his hand at a  home remodeling company named Continental 100 which was very successful, listed among the top 100 remodeling companies in the US.

After visiting Cabo just once, in 1996, he went back to Houston and packed up to move here. He filled his 1989 Dodge Dakota, (which he still had), drove down and became a permanent resident. He rented a home in Brisas del Pacifico, then bought the home in 1998 where he lived until he died.

He partnered again with Bill Morgan to open the North Beach Leather store in Cabo at the marina.

He spent so much time at Pancho's bar and restaurant that he became familiar with Pancho’s owner Mary Bragg’s wedding business, which lead to His officiating weddings. He took pride in saying he was the only real Minister, meaning he was not ordained online, although many of us just rolled his eyes when he would say this.

Scott became a Mexican citizen in 2006, out of convenience more than anything else. He said that way he did not have to pay the bank anymore for his home fideicomiso or the immigration office for renewing his FM2 every year, plus he could work whatever job he wanted. This Massachusetts boy may have been the whitest Mexican ever. He never learned much Spanish, either.

Scott wrote everything down and could tell you, to the peso, how much money he had spent every day, and that wasn’t much. He lived well, but very frugally.

Scott will be missed: His great story telling, his showmanship, his malaprops, and his terrible Spanish accent. He made us laugh.

A celebration of Scott’s life will be held at Solomon’s Landing on January 23 at 7 pm.