Real Estate: An investment you can actually enjoy

Let us count the ways

From multimillion dollar businesses to a real estate property, investing is a way to make your money grow.  But, how often can you say that you can profit AND enjoy your investment? You can invest in bonds, stocks, commodities but you can’t take them to the beach nor make memories with your children, grandchildren and friends. I am happy to share with you the top 5 reasons why real estate investment is far better than the stock market.

You create multiple sources of income. This can be as easy as letting your property appreciate over time. With the proper maintenance and enhancement, through the passing years, it will gain value (capital appreciation) that can be monetized once you decide to sell it. It can also be a rental property: be it a short term (vacation) or long term rental, tenants will pay a rent that even after taxes and maintenance fees paid, can be translated into additional income.

It is easier (and way more fun) to do research. Stocks are usually denominated by a series of letters such as BCOR, PPPI; are never tangible and the closest visual thing you will see is a report indicating its market behavior. A property, on the other hand, can take your breath away with unstoppable Sea of Cortez views or catapult your creativity by designing your new home, plus, it gives you the opportunity to visit residential communities to analyze and compare the different options.

You are the boss. Unless you are familiar with the intricate world of trading, you need to hire a broker to advise you and to manage your funds. When investing in real estate you hire a professional real estate expert to advise you on the options available, his/her input, experiences and feedback provide you a much more unique driver’s seat view towards your future.

It is an asset you can use. Have you heard someone ever saying: let’s plan our Thanksgiving weekend at our EDXC stocks! How about: we are flying to Cabo to spend Christmas in our house by the beach. Better than that is hearing this too: would you like to join us? I rest my case.

Create memories. Remember the weekend you went snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo? Or your first hole in one by the Pacific? What about when you and your kids escaped the harsh winter and biked along the beautiful Malecon in La Paz? The photos of picture perfect sunsets and your healthy golden tan are the first things your guests will notice as they walk into your home and are the base for stories you and your family will cherish for generations to come.

Do I need to say more? Don’t let time pass by and invest in the one thing you can actually live and enjoy: real estate in Baja California Sur. Whether building from the ground up, remodeling a home or buying a condo in downtown, an investment property will surely pay off with dividends to your peace of mind.

Reach out to your Real Estate professional of choice and start enjoying your hard earned wealth.

By Leticia Diaz Riveras, Broker, Coldwell Banker Riveras Office Phone - (624) 147-5471.