Que Pasa in Cabo?

April Fools' 2019 edition

How To Leave Your Job. The head of the water agency in Los Cabos was fired this week, but he left with a flourish. He went on the local radio show and told the whole town that people not getting water in their homes is not his fault, and to expect him to fix such a messed-up system was, well, messed up.

He said Mayor Armida Castro firing him was dumb because the next guy to take his job isn't going to do any better, especially since she made the dumb ass decision that we don't need another desal plant. It was a lively radio program that day.

Just a few days later, Daniel Hernando Ayala Beltran was appointed the new director of the water supply agency.

In related news. At the celebration of World’s Water Day, a report from the National Council of Social Development revealed there are 9.3 million Mexicans who have no access to potable water supply, and that 71 per cent of the population has to buy drinking water.

Of the ones that get water supply, 85 per cent of rural areas get it, while in urban barrios the percentage increases to 97.2 per cent. Only 73 per cent of those connected to water supply pipes gets it every day.

In Cabo San Lucas, residents get water via a rotation system with some getting water once a week, while others only every 2 or 3 weeks, hence the need for  those black plastic container tanks that sit atop most homes, while some, those who can afford it, have been able to build a pila, which is a concrete underground water container that sits in their front yards. They need an expensive pump to get it out of the ground since there’s no gravity feed

San Jose residents hit the lottery jackpot as they get more water, with only some barrios needing the tank system, as San Jose’s water table is larger and gets filled up from the Miraflores mountainess area just north of there.

Send those thank you notes.  Due to a constant lack of funds in the city coffers, some companies and civil organizations have jumped in and donated pavement, buying  one concrete truck at a time. Lately, the women’s entrepreneurs group named AMMJE donated one truck. Conkmex construction and Pasa construction donated others, and so on.


Bikers alert! Coming July 18, Los Cabos and particularly Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos will welcome, (well, some will welcome) hundreds of bikers thanks to an invitation to attend the 15th Annual Baja Bikers convention.

Bikers from the U.S. and Mexico’s mainland will add to our local bikers and will parade from Cabo to Todos Santos, ending the 3 day celebration with a huge party with live music at the cultural pavilion in Cabo. For more information and to sign up, look up Baja Bikers on Facebook. Must bring own motorcycle.

Firefighters get U.S. training. Our very own Cabo San Lucas firefighters had 2 days of intense extrication training from the Puyallup, Washington team at the end of last month.

OK, OK, let’s clarify that. Vehicle extrication. It is the process of removing a vehicle from around a person who has been involved in a wreck when conventional means of exit are impossible or inadvisable. A delicate approach is needed to minimize injury to the victim during the extrication. This operation is usually accomplished by using chocks and bracing for stabilization and hydraulic tools, including the Jaws of Life.

Make your reservation. Or jot this down, in ink. This coming Cinco de Mayo, the VidaSoul hotel and Crossroads restaurant in Vinorama, at the East Cape, will hold its traditional Sand Castle Celebration with all-day fun for the family with live music, swimming, pinatas, hamburgers, hot dogs in addition to their regular menu. The highlight of the day will be the sand castle competition, which starts at noon.  For reservations or information email info@vidasoul.com, joan@vidasoul.com or look up www.vidasoul.com.  OK, sure, there will be some professional castle creaters there, but you can also build, and there will be prizes for amateurs, so go for it.

UBER wanted. By the Los Cabos citizens. The local branch of the National Confederation of Employers (COPARMEX), held a poll, turns out 79 per cent perceive the local public transportation – buses and cabs – as unsafe, of lower quality and expensive.

The same number indicated they are in favor of options such as UBER and Cabify

And then, UBER eats does La Paz. The home food delivery app landed in La Paz last week. Their announcement was short and sweet: “We launch our app on Monday, March 25; get ready to receive your (food) order.” 

It’s Taco time! Isn’t it always in Mexico? The Casa Dorada hotel on Medano beach will hold its 3rd Annual Taco Fest on Saturday, April 27. Over 20 different local restaurants will be there to compete for The Best Taco awards.

A panel of taco experts will judge the competition, but all of the locals and tourists who acquire a ticket to the event will also be allowed to vote. The competition will take place from 6 p.m. to midnight and there will be live music to wash the tacos down.

Tickets will go for 600 pesos (so\ame $32 bucks) per person. Reservations at phone # 624.163.57.64. Ext. 5764. Be there or be square!