Que Pasa in Cabo?

October 15, 2018 Edition

Did you lose your gun? You know how when you go to the bathroom and you take out your phone and set it on the back of the toilet so it doesn’t fall on the floor? Well, some people have a gun in their pants. And this guy set it on the back of the toilet in the bathroom in Soriana. And then forgot it.One would think it was a ticking bomb the way the police surrounded the place.  We would have quietly waited behind a bush, (or a toilet) and waited for the guy to return. You think he’s going to tap a policeman on the shoulder and ask for his gun back? Didn’t happen.The gun was never claimed, so if you’re missing yours and you’re pretty stupid, go down and claim it at the state police lost and found

Clock time! Daylight savings time ends in Southern Baja and most of the rest of Mexico on Oct 28. Set your clocks back one hour and enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Daylight savings time ends Nov. 4 in the U.S., Canada and cities in areas of Mexico that border the U.S.

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Art Walk returns. The popular San Jose Art Walk will resume starting November 1st and every Thursday straight through to next summer. It continues through June 30th. It is a great photo opp, with all San Jose art galleries open, free flowing tiny cups of wine in some of the galleries, live music and dance at some street corners. Oh, and it’s pedestrians only from 6:00 p.m., as they close the street down. Park on Centenario street, don’t even drive downtown.

What’s up with our trash? Tons of trash accumulated on Cabo streets, and it all came rushing down during our two weekends of pretty intense rain, washing into our marina. Roberto Sandoval, the new head of public services and the man in charge of picking up trash in Los Cabos, said don’t blame him, the outgoing mayor didn’t send out trash trucks the last week of his administration. And now there are four trash trucks out of service in Cabo plus three in San Jose.

Sandoval took over his position September 28, following the change in Los Cabos city government, and is an appointee of new Mayor Señora Armida Castro. Sandoval has long been a heavy equipment supervisor in the hotel industry and in construction and will now seek funding to repair those trucks and reorganize his department. Los Cabos, he said, produces 500 metric tons of trash a day.

Ultra-Marathon announced. The organizer of the Cabo San Lucas’ Sunday Ciclovia holds other competitions and athletic events for fun here and there. This year, Mario Meave is organizing a 50 km walk, run, or stumble event, crossing the sierra at Los Naranjos, starting from Km. 54.5 on the road near Buenavista on the East Cape. It ends at km 73 on the road from Cabo to Todos Santos.

It’s a tough terrain, popular with drivers of Jeep and 4x4 vehicles, with a gorgeous view of the mountains. There will be several categories for lone individuals and teams, with a maximum finish time of 12 hours. There will be prizes for the first three winners of each category if 100 runners/walkers/stumblers participate.

The race will take place on Sunday, December 16. Inscription cost is 500 pesos per person. For information email: ultramaratonloscabos@gmail.com, Call Cell 624-125-5674 or look up CicloviaCabo on Facebook.

Millions to repair road. Well, about $1.5 million is being invested in repairing our beloved four lane to La Paz, at the Km. 75 mark. That’s the area that had a major landslide during the Lidia storm last summer – yes, one year ago, and which hasn’t been repaired yet.

While we suffer driving a smooth but curvy detour, the SCT, Mexico’s transportation ministry, which oversees our federal roads, has been working on it, bringing down lots of rocks in an effort to eliminate the part of the mountain that keeps crumbling down. Once they finish that part and find more stable terrain, they will proceed to seal it somehow with some sort of retaining wall.

Food fest announced. The little pueblo of El Triunfo, north of San Jose amid the mountains, will hold its 3rd Gastronomic Festival on Saturday November 24 with a food and booze tasting that starts at 2:00 pm, followed with a live show and salsa dance with Alexey and the Triplets starting at 5:00.

Tickets are available at La Pintada restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Villa Valentina in San Jose, Saz Boutique in Palmilla and at Marina La Paz. The price is 950 pesos on pre-sale, 1,100 pesos at the door. Kids are half price.

Proceeds from the event go to preserve the beautiful, quaint mining town, including its old crumbly mining chimney that sticks up out of the town and can be seen for many miles.

Todos Santos Concerts. The now traditional Tropic of Cancer concert series will take place January 10-20, hosted by the rock n’ roll band Cordovas, for two weekends of music, love, and art in the small Baja town with proceeds aiding the local fire department.

Ticket prices from $20 to $80 and will vary with the rate of exchange. So far, nearly 40 bands and artists, both local, national and international form the lineup, including American singer and songwriter Joan Osborne, a former member of The Dead, favorite Mexican band La Santa Cecilia and Todos Santos singers Divier Guive and Jenelle Aubade will also perform during the festival. For more information and the complete line up look up: http://www.tropicofcancerconcertseries.mx/

Nine more magical towns. No, Todos Santos is not unique. Some think there are too many. Nine new magical towns will be named later this month, increasing the total number of destinations with the designation to 120.

Future tourism secretary Miguel Torruco, who will take office December 1st, said the current federal government has announced which towns will join the Pueblos Mágicos program at the National Magical Towns Fair which took place while this paper was printed.

The program, launched in 2001, recognizes towns that have special features that are attractive to visitors and is designed to increase tourism. Like our Magic Town of Todos Santos.

But Torruco believes the number of towns that have been designated as magical is excessive and said that once the incoming government takes office, the Secretariat of Tourism (Sectur) will conduct a review of the program to establish whether the pueblos mágicos are complying with the rules and obligations.

Decisions about which destinations receive the “magical towns” designation come down to negotiations between state governors and federal authorities and money is the main motivator. Of course.

Flea market for doggies and kitties. The Todos Santos 23rd Annual Tianguis will take place Sunday, December 9 at 10:00 a.m. to benefit the Amigos De Los Animales organization. You can support their work of spaying and neutering dogs and cats. The group will be accepting donations of household goods, gently used clothing and shoes, working appliances, tools and sporting goods. Please, no books. Drop off items at Kitty Heaven or contact Angelique Schornstein, bajakitties@yahoo.com, bajarescue.org/, 612 145-0250, Todos Santos.

No more mosquitoes? La Paz will be Mexico’s first city  to try the Wolbachia method, created by the World Mosquito Program (WMP) and proven successful in Australia in eliminating dengue and malaria mosquito transmission.

The Wolbachia is a bacteria that can control dengue and malaria by eliminating the older insects that contain more parasites. Promoting the survival and reproduction of younger little bastards lessens selection pressure for evolution of resistance. We, personally would wipe them all out. They’re still going to bite and we’re still going to itch. Just sayin’…

The World Mosquito Program is funded in La Paz by the state health department, the Federal government, and Christy Walton’s foundation. Yup, the daughter of Sam Walton, founder of WalMart lives in La Paz and she’s an active giver to the community.

La Paz Govt. According to Agustin Olachea, president of the hotel and tourist related industry in La Paz, there are at least 6 tourist projects stalled in our capitol city, among them 600 new hotel rooms. These represent an investment of a billion dollars, stalled because the city government is horsing around with permits.

Olachea has hopes the new government, which took over at the end of September, will do a better job in supporting the development of tourist facilities in the city.