Que Pasa in Cabo?

October 2, 2017 Edition

Did you feel that? While not nearly as massive as the quakes in Oaxaca and Mexico City, Los Cabos was shaken by a series of earthquakes of much smaller magnitude several weeks ago. The first was a  5.1 that shook the ocean 72 miles northeast off the coast of San Jose. Shortly after that, there were two smaller quakes, both offshore as well, and registering less than 5 on the Richter scale. Chances are that you didn’t feel any of them since they occurred so far out to sea. They were likely part of the aftershocks caused by the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico City.

Celebrate Saint Luke Cabo celebrates its patron saint every year, around Saint Luke’s day (October 18), as Cabo was named after him by its founding missionaries.

The city will celebrate for almost an entire week, from October 17 to 22, with carnival games, food and beer booths and live music every night.

All the events will take place at the empty lot near WalMart. Come mingle with the locals, try our regional food, take pics, dance and more!

Tournament season is here The first big fishing tournament of the season is the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, which will take place October 15 to 19.

Then comes the Bisbee’s Offshore, from October 19 to 22, followed by “The Big One,” as the Bisbee’s Black and Blue tournament has been dubbed. That takes place from October 24 to 28.

Last year’s Bisbee’s offshore had 109 participating boats and a total prize of $700,000 USD, while the Black and Blue had 121 participating boats that competed for a combined prize of $2.5 million.

The start of the fishing tournaments also marks the start of high season in Los Cabos. The estimated revenue these tourneys bring to the area is $12 million.

Bike path coming to San Jose Fonatur (the federal tourism development agency) has announced plans for a new bicycle path. The path will be 2.35 miles long and will run alongside the hotel zone, where the taxis are currently parked (they will be relocated). The cost of the new path is estimated at half a million dollars and work will begin before the end of this year.

Get ready for the Ironman We’re telling you early, because the Ironman closes down the main streets and part of the fourlane, causing traffic headaches for everyone. The event begins at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 12, with the swimming competition at Palmilla Beach. Then comes the cycling and running legs of the race,  going from Palmilla towards San Jose, ending at Las Palmas park behind the La Comer store.

Nearly 1,400 competitors from Mexico and several other countries are expected. You take part as a competitor, volunteer or spectator, or choose to stay home and avoid the traffic jams. Take a guess as to which one we’ll be doing.

Also in November Along with the Ironman, two more big events are coming up in November. The first is the Los Cabos International Film Festival, which happens November 8 to 12. And then there’s the grand finale of the Extreme Sailing Series (the first time the race has come to Cabo) will take place from November 30 to December 3.

Let there be light! The city is working as fast as possible to light up our streets. Ten barrios in San Jose are getting lights, along with five in Cabo San Lucas. And nearly $3 million has been added to the budget to buy more street lights.

A total of 5,000 street lights that Hurricane Odile knocked down waaaay back in 2014 will be replaced by the end of this year. About damn time, we say.

Property taxes going up By 4% starting January 1st next year. The tax increase was approved by the majority of Los Cabos’ city council, with only one councilman voting against.

His reasons for voting against the tax were: We’ve already had a 3% increase this year, and that now is not the time to hurt the population more (referring to damage caused by Tropical Storm Lidia.)

Speaking of taxes… Baja California Sur will be the first state in Mexico to introduce a tourist tax, which will take effect starting in December. Before you get all riled up, the tax will come to approximately $20 USD, so it's hardly going to affect your vacation. And that money will be put to good use.

Around 95% of the revenue collected will go towards infrastructure projects. Los Cabos alone could bring in almost $40 million US dollars from the tax!

Despite the potential revenue, the tax has been controversial since it was proposed. Those against it believe that tourists already contribute enough to the economy, and worry that the tax will keep away future visitors.

Cruise passengers will be exempt, as they are in Cabo less than 24 hours. And it's not clear if the tax will be levied on national tourists or just international tourists.

Help the needy in Pescadero The Sacred Heart Food Bank in Pescadero, which is about 40 minutes north of Cabo on the road to Todos Santos, provides clothing and medication to those in need, and is currently feeding some 60 families with the meals-on-wheels program.

Like every charity, the food bank is always in need of donations, including cash, non-perishable food items, clean and laundered clothing and shoes in any condition. If you are interested in helping, email Larry Phoenix at phnix52@gmail.com. And look for our full story on the food bank in an upcoming issue.

Someone had a baaaad day An adult bighorn sheep was found trapped in mud in the Chametla neighborhood of La Paz. Worried residents reported it to the authorities and officials from Profepa, Mexico’s environmental protection agency, came to its rescue. They pulled him out of the mud and he was transported to their medical offices.

The sheep was tired and dehydrated, and tests show that he was so desperate and thirsty that he had eaten mud. The poor guy! Even though he was obviously not used to human contact, he allowed the vets to care for him.

Bighorn sheep can be found 30 miles outside of La Paz, which led authorities to believe that this guy had been caught and transported illegally to Chametla or a nearby barrio. An investigation has been launched.