Que Pasa in Cabo?


More flights!. This is always big news as flights are so vital to getting our precious tourists here. The first Southwest Airlines Baltimore to Los Cabos flight landed in our San Jose international airport last week, bringing along 150 pilgrims who were treated to the customary welcome party with gifts, cold beer, live mariachi music and a shower. Well, the aircraft got the shower on the runway, just before the passengers stepped out of it. It was a ceremony sprayed by our firemen out of their tanker trucks.

Dump open for business. The blockade set up by ejido landowners was removed last week, after lame-duck mayor Tony Agundez caved in to their demands. For starters, the city has not paid the ejido landowners (ejido is communal land  much like Indian reservations in the U.S.), for the patch of land the city dump occupies. Also, the fence around the dump which was heavily damaged by hurricane Odile last year, has been down, allowing ejido cattle to enter and eat trash – which has resulted in several dead animals due to food poisoning.

Last but not least of their demands, the dump has not been properly maintained, which has resulted in a proliferation of flies, rats and other creepy crawlies that then invade the ejido properties. Agundez vowed to create a commission to solve this issues ASAP, hopefully before he leaves office in December. Anyway, for now, the edjido people bought the mayor’s promises and our dump trucks can dump at the dump again.

Cabo hotels update. The Ventanas resort opened its doors again June 4 and will be followed by the Hilton this July 1. Other hotels to open soon are the Hyatt Place at the entrance to San Jose (July 15); Hyatt Ziva in the San Jose hotel zone (August 15); the Cabo Azul Resort (September 1); El Ganzo, Casa del Mar and Dreams (October 1); and Melia Cabo Real (November 30). The Westin Resort Spa will remain under repairs until March 2016.

There are a bunch of new hotels coming on board. Cape by Thompson Hotels will open next to the Sunset da Mona Lisa on June 19, followed by Hampton Inn Suites just outside of Cabo in July. The 300 room JW Marriot is slated to open in October, followed by the adults only Breathless Resort in the Cabo marina. Stay tuned, as there will be more hotels about two years from now, as a slew of new properties are currently under construction. The Montage Hotels Resorts will open in Santa Maria Bay, as well as Nobu on the Pacific side, and a 200 room SLS Lux hotel and 250 residential SBE time share units on Medano beach.

Drunk in Cabo. Kim Richards, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 50, is back in rehab just two weeks after leaving a Malibu dry out clinic to attend her eldest daughter Brooke Brinson’s wedding in Cabo San Lucas. Richards voluntarily entered the Malibu facility last month after she was arrested for public intoxication, battery, and resisting arrest following a wild evening at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Several drinkers at Tanga Tanga in downtown Cabo swear they saw her toddling down the street in the wee hours of the morning (night?) Cabo bars are famous for producing a high number of rehab candidates, it’s just that most remain just that: candidates.

It’s mango time! Well, almost. Mark your calendars for the eighth annual mango festival in the San Ignacio barrio of Todos Santo, Friday, July 31 through Sunday August 2.

There will be, well, lots of mangos for sale in various incarnations: mango marmalade, mango candies, mango drinks, and anything else locals can dream up to get rid of all that fruit. These will be artists performances as well as cultural exhibits, arts and crafts, carney games and on Sunday, food displays along the streets. Since the magic town’s streets are being slooowly refurbished, businesses have been suffering, so let’s all hop in our vehicles and show up for the party!

But why are these businesses suffering? Many of them just closed up their shops when the pavement went. They gave up. But look at La Casita last weekend. They were in the worst position in the construction zone, with construction signs re routing people down a different street from theirs. But the plucky restaurateurs stayed open and when we got there Sergio was doing a brisk business. This is Mexico, and those who visit here expect a little dirt. They surely aren’t going to drive all the way from Cabo, look at the dirt roads and turn around and go home. No, they will soldier on through a little dust.

Let’s go to the movies! The Marquez de Leon Theater in Todos Santos across from the main park will now be showing movies every weekend. Last week’s listings were: The Infected, Andrea in a Box, Only God Forgives, Santo vs. the Vampire Women,  How to train your Dragon 2, and my personal fav, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Other offerings will include independent Mexican films; documentaries; children’s matinee; Hollywood hits; Mexican classics; and much more! Donations accepted, they help pay for shows. Films in Spanish with English subtitles and vice versa; children’s films dubbed.

For listings and trailers email Ricardo Madrazo, marquecine.ts@gmail.com, or visit Teatro Cine Manuel Marquez de Leon on Facebook.

Cops need beds. Several of the Todos Santos policemen are commuting to La Paz after work, but some others have found shelter at the old DIF building. However, they don’t have any furniture and are looking for beds, chairs, tables, fan, sheets, pillows, etc., anything they could use in their dormitory. Donated items can be brought to their office next to the main park, or Nancy Serfas will arrange for pick up if you contact her at email: nancyserfas@aol.com.

Magic town schools. The boarding school of Todos Santos, known as the Internado, is fully back in business but still in need of items that can make the 50 kids’ lives more bearable while they attend school five days a week and return to their rural homes for the weekend.

The school’s principal, Francisco Garcia, who has been a rural teacher for 17 years, has received help from the community to restore the Internado after hurricane Odile hit them hard last September. Metal doors and screens have been replaced, lockers were rebuilt for both boys and girls, the organic garden is back to full life and a new freezer was purchased. The kitchen is still being repaired. Donations of time or money will help replace the big shade palapa, while individual and twin bedding, bath towels, children’s clothes and plates, forks, knives and spoons of a durable material are needed.

They could use toothpaste, toilet paper, toothbrushes and anything else you can think of. Drop items at the stationary shop across from La Esquina, or contact Jo Stewart, email: jostewart1962@gmail.com.