Pelican Theatre Kicks Off Fifth Season

Performances start January 16

The Pelican Theatre of La Paz is celebrating its fifth season with a production of “Heaven and Earth,” a collection of three short comedic plays. The show runs from January 16th to 20th.

The three plays included in “Heaven and Earth” are “Do-Overs” by Larry Hamm, “Ferris Wheel” by Mary Millar“Siobhan” by John Augustine. Performances will be at the Ciudad de los Ninos, located on 5 Febrero between Revolution and Serdan streets.

All performances start at 7:00 p.m. The plays start a bit early because most of the audience members are older and appreciate an early evening. Tickets are $7.50 USD and are available at Allende Books at 518 Calle Independencia. There will be wine and cheese following each night’s show.

David Coxwell, artistic director of the Pelican Theater, says it’s known as a “theater of intimacy,” where the audience and the actors are in close proximity with minimal technical requirements.’s a space where the attention is on the play and the acting, not fancy sets or special effects.

For more information on the Pelican Theatre and its performances, visit their Facebook page at