New Year’s Resolutions For Us All

So, you’re going to drop 20 pounds by Valentine’s Day, finally master Spanish and take up ballroom dancing. Really, that’s your plan for the new year?

But Us? We're thinking this is the year for New Year’s resolutions people can actually keep. Here are a few we suggest, all on the theme of helping animals (of course, because we are animal helpers).

Volunteer. The Los Cabos Humane Society quite literally relies on the help of volunteers to help us save lives. Walking dogs, cuddling cats, running events to raise funds and awareness; you name it, and volunteers are essential to it.

Adopt. When someone like us asks you “how many animals do you have?” we are prone to respond to the answer with "is that it?" Seriously, we respect that everyone has limits to how many pets he or she can accommodate but always hope they will make room in their home, heart, and budget for one more.

Donate. Most of our support comes as small gifts, and it’s the total of those many small donations which combined allows us to do all that we do. Many people bring us bulk pet food and supplies which are most helpful. If you can, a financial contribution of any size is always welcome. You can do this in person at the shelter, or online at Do note you can donate one time, create a monthly donation, direct your gift towards spay or, donate in the name of family or friends, and receive an official tax receipt for any of the above.

Speaking of spay and neuter, we now offer free spay and neuter service at the shelter on Mondays and Wednesdays. This program is in addition to the weekly free mobile clinics in the community.

Educate. Our education program about the humane treatment of animals is presented at all levels in local schools. We also preach at businesses and at the adoption center. At these, children and adults alike learn how to care for their pets properly and how to respect animals. Many also attended the "Protect Your Pets" conference held recently in Cabo. LCHS, Simparica and veterinarian Tomas Reyes invited the public to a free conference on the care and prevention of diseases transmitted by insects, (ticks, fleas, mosquitoes). This summer the ticks, were busy, and attendees appreciated the useful information.

This past year was also a milestone for LCHS, as we were able to initiate and see through the prosecution of the first case of animal abuse taken to court in Los Cabos. This ultimately successful effort required a considerable amount of effort by Board of Directors' Superhero Armando Martinez and represented the ultimate education in the consequences of animal abuse.

Policy. In the past, the LCHS never turned down animals brought to the shelter, which led to severe overcrowding, and some animals, often severely injured or diseased, had to be euthanized. We have changed this policy, and now if our shelter is full, we take the name of the person bringing us the animal and put them on a waiting list to let their animal in. The rescuer is asked to foster until there's space. The wait time usually is about one week, and with this new system, we have found that very many people have a change of heart and keep the critter. In this way we are providing a promising future for the strays and a way to encourage the community to become more involved in the welfare of animals. This policy is just one of the successful new initiatives at our no-kill animal center.

Be Kind. Be kind to your pets at home, those you see around you, and especially those in need.

The Beatles told us love is all you need, and we think animals knew this long before John Lennon and Paul McCartney told the rest of the world.