New, Friendlier Property Tax Dance

New office, no lines

There is a brand new treasury office where you can pay your property taxes in Cabo San Lucas. No more trucking up to San Jose, the seat of government, and standing in long lines.

This new small white trailer type building is conveniently located in the parking lot of the downtown Cabo cultural center.  You may have noticed the new sign on the cement wall facing the street that says “H,Xiii Ayuntamiento, Tesoreria General Muncipal, Recaudacion De Rentas”.  Well, maybe you didn’t notice it, as it’s one more Spanish sign you don’t understand and never will. In English this means, General Municipal Treasury, Revenue Collection.  Recaudacion de rentas is in red letters, and that part lights up at night.   

There are lots of places to safely park here unlike the other location where you have to find a space somewhere on the street.   The building is in the front of the parking lot near the street.  The door you see from the parking lot is actually the back door which is for employees only.   The front entrance faces the sidewalk.  It seems backwards at first, but it’s all about entering from the sidewalk.   

The design inside is organized and functional.  At the front door, a gentleman greets you, and you get a number.  Lots of padded chairs are lined up in rows, so you don’t have to stand while you wait.  There is even a small clean bathroom.  Two mini-split air conditioners keep it nice and cool inside.  There are three lines to pay and three additional service lines, one for vacant land, the other for businesses, and one for handicapped or older people.  A computer is available for the public to look up their property tax information; however, it was not working the day we were there. 

Not too many people know about this location yet, so you get in and out quickly which is a miracle.  Fearing the worst, we arrived promptly at 8 a.m. just as the employees were unlocking the back door.  We were told to go around to the front entrance.  To our surprise, we were the only ones there.  The three of us paid our property taxes and were out the door with a receipt in hand in less than 20 minutes.  You can’t beat that.  

It’s recommended to pay in person in the office even though it’s possible to pay on-line.  One of our friends paid online last year, and it was a disaster.  It did not seem to matter that she had a copy of her on-line payment.  They claimed they could find no record and she had to pay again.  Until the kinks are worked out, pay in the office.   Don’t delay.  This new office makes it fast and easy and the sooner in the year you pay it, the cheaper it is. 

It’s up to you to keep up with your property taxes.  Unlike the States, the government will not send you a notice with the amount that you owe.  The mail system here is very unreliable anyway.  Whatsapp your predial at 624-315-1516 or go to to consult your predial.  The term “predial”  refers to the amount of property tax that you owe.  In order to find out how much you owe, you must enter your “clave cadastre” (cadastre code, 18 digits) on the website   Your clave cadastre can be found on your closing statement papers. Be sure to include the hyphen before the last six digits.  Print out the page with the amount that you owe and take it with you to pay.  If you don’t print it out, be sure to have your clave cadastre written down, so the clerk can look you up. 

Your property taxes can be paid with cash, a credit card or a debit card.  The office is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.  However, you need to be there before 3 p.m. since they will not accept any payments after 3 p.m. even if you have a number

Contact information: Telephone 624-315-1516.  Email: consultapredial@los  Websites:  and Facebook: ayuntamiento de los cabos.

March is the deadline to pay your property taxes on time. If you are reading this, you better shake a leg.  There’s no excuse now to dread paying your property taxes with this new office. And anyway, it’s so cheap, why not pony it up?