New Construction Looks Dubious


ME Cabo and Casa Dorada have filed complaints about some new construction in their neighborhood, and actually pretty much right in ME’s back yard.

The disputed construction, they say, has a permit for a restaurant but the foundation seems to be for a much larger, taller building, and has in fact closed off the street to the right of the ME hotel, looking towards the ocean.

Spokesmen for the hotels say the city hasn’t responded to their inquiries. The city’s director of urban planning, Alvaro Ramirez, stated that the corporation “My Friend Autos” was planning to build a restaurant with underground parking, a pool, a children’s pool, pool filtering equipment and bathrooms.

Hmmm, a restaurant with two pools? We haven’t seen that before. And we won’t see it here either, because as it turns out, the company is in the process of getting a permit to construct a seven story hotel. Only in Mexico do we work on getting permits at the same time as we build.