New 12,000 Sq. Ft. Medical Spa Opens

This place has everything from a quickie $125 hangover cure to a $15,000 anti aging treatment

A new spa and medical facility is opening January 16th with a seminar and party. That’s quite a combo; a serious presentation on stem cells will be accompanied by drinks and eats, and followed by a big parking lot party featuring a live band. But this place is more than serious stem cells and partying, there are also treatments ranging from a killer hangover cure to intensive treatments of vitamins and stuff. The stuff includes a bunch of good stuff that is better infused into your arm than slipped over the tongue. It might be kale and stuff. Anyway, we’ve tried it and it is good for a quick pick-me-up. You might be able to spend a week in Cabo, killing your body every day and night, and stop by here on your way to the airport, (it’s on the way), and get made right for about 100 bucks. Just walk in, no appointment necessary and you’re on your way in about an hour. Tiny little band aid on the inside of your elbow will be your big war story of Cabo.


Let’s get the serious stuff out of the way first:

PRMedica will offer stem cell treatments and exosome treatments, both of which do much to enhance your health and slow the aging process.

The exosomes are so teensy weensy they can go where stem cells cannot. Their job is also to stimulate stem cells, broaden the effectiveness of stem cells, and give stem cells their immune and anti-inflammatory properties. Because they can penetrate the brain, exosomes are an important tool in treating many neurological diseases such as Alzheimer´s, Parkinson´s and autism. They can get into the nooks and crannies of your body, buzzing about everywhere, helping with such things as anti aging, inflammation, and an overall feeling of youthfulness and wellbeing. You will want to add exosome treatment to stem cell treatment, but to get the best results you want to concentrate on getting as many exosomes as possible. To get this systemically, it is done through an infusion into your arm over several hours. Exosomes come from amniotic fluid donors.

The precious cells come from Guadalajara and from a few FDA approved labs in the United States.

As you walk into the huge building that used to be a furniture store, you’re in a large lobby with evaluation rooms going off in two directions. Through a window in the third direction you can look through a glass wall and see body abusers getting their Myers cocktails going into their arms. If the famous Myers cocktail isn’t just right for you, they will check your blood to diagnose any deficiencies. They have the ingredients to mix up a cocktail of vitamins and minerals just right for you. This they can do in about 20 minutes, and it takes about 40 minutes to drip it into your arm.

They also do the following procedures using their expertise in exosomes and stem cells: Sexual enhancement therapy. (ee website for more precise information there).

Another big player at this new medical spa will be anti-aging and facial rejuvenation treatments, using of course, stem cells.

There will be qualified physiotherapy sessions with qualified and experienced  physiotherapists. The entire experienced staff has been recruited and well trained.

PRMedica is throwing a big grand opening party January 16th at noon and again at 7 pm. You might want to wait for the evening show, as that comes with adult beverages, eats, and a live parking lot band. Well, the party is in the parking lot and so is the band.

It’s on the fourlane, next to Fresco grocery store, near H+ Hospital. Website is (The PR in PRMEDICA stands for preventive and regenerative) Phone is 624 688 8497. Dr Douglas Spiel will lead a serious presentation on exosomes and stem cells

A complete tour of the vast facility is included.