Mañana Is Good Enough For Me


This title and other comments expounded here are about little Mexican terms that can confuse a lot of Gringos. Peggy Lee and Dean Martin recorded a similar title song, and it is the spirit of the Headline. These exemplify some of these vague and inconsistencies and coincidences with the merge of the two languages and cultures. Some of them might not be evident to those cunning linguists out there.  

There are two definitions of manana. One is "Tomorrow," and the one addressed in this article is "At an unspecified future time." 

Most of the answers that use manana pretty much mean the latter.

Now, as long as we are talking about time references, there is a translation that does work well. El tiempo es la esencia. I like this one. Time is of the essence.

If you don't sense the humor at this statement, you have not been in around these parts very long. 

When I was a newbie in the CSL bi-lingual game, I thought I figured this one out. I was walking across the street to a hardware store to buy some sandpaper. Papele de Arenas. I thought it might be a no-brainer. I swaggered into the tienda with an attitude that can only be described as insouciance (look it up) with my new-found intelligence, and there were two clerks waiting for me. I'm sure one would point to the "Papele de Arenas," the other would get a couple of sheets. Instead, they stared at me blankly then stared at each other and shrugged their shoulders. After I pantomimed how sandpaper was to be used, I got what I needed, returned to Centro and asked some Mexican workers what up’s. The term does not translate into the Spanish name. The word is "Lija."

Try using "CaCa de Toro" and use bullshit in a conversation and they will LOL at the expression. It does mean anything except feces from a male Bull.

Mano Izquerda. Again a no-brainer for a left-handed person like myself. They have no idea what you are describing. Zurdo, great word as most Z words are, but that’s what southpaws are called here in Mexico.

OK, moving right along with this English/Spanish non-lesson ...

Several words have two unrelated definitions.

CHATTARA. A car that would be called junker or a piece of shit. Also junk food as in McDonald's and Burger King.

ESPOSAS. This term would be the word for wife, and it also is the word for hand-cuffs. Some of you might know the similarities.

RED, sounds like a color doesn't it. Sorry, It means Net. Both Internet and fishing things.

Now we are moving into similar words. puente, punta, and Puta.

If you are talking about Points, like Punta Las Misiones, or a pencil, you are fine. A Puente is easy, it’s a bridge. If you somehow confused Puta in mixed company, you are in big trouble. It means prostitute. I did that many years ago. Been there, done that.