Local Youth Win Trip To Abu Dhabi

Well, sort of


Sometimes it seems that the latest innovations and new technology comes out of Ivy League school students, but, here in the developing economy of Mexico, the University of La Paz is producing some pretty brilliant and technologically minded students, and for much less tuition.

The pride of Los Barriles High School, Angel Martinez, and his science team members developed a powerful electric boat motor. Angel, now in his third year at University of La Paz in the software engineering program, has a new team that’s winning awards.

Angel and his teammates, Alan Escobar and Olivia Lopez, both from La Paz, won a competition against 500 competitors, held on the mainland, that won a prize to ExpoSciences International to be held in Abu Dhabi. Only seven teams from all over the world were invited.

Angel’s project, called Rescue Dasc, is a system of first response aid to provide basic assistance in case of accident or natural disaster. Not to give away the secret sauce, but a drone carries a box holding medication and a basic first aid kit. To get the drone with the Band Aids and such, you request it by a mobile app which simultaneously sends your location to a web site, also developed by Angel and his team, and then the needed supplies are dispatched by the drone directly to the accident. From the pre-registration on the app, they can see if the user needs special medicine or has other special requirements. Other than “hurry”.

The ExpoSciences International in Abu Dhabi is next September and the team estimates they will need about $7500 USD for all three members, for their visit of about a week. 

Here it comes, you know it is.

Angel doesn’t have the money, nor do his folks or his teammates. The Los Barriles people are coming to the rescue since he’s from there. Well, actually, you are coming to the rescue, right? Angel is  the son of local artist Jose ‘Barchi’ Martinez,

If you would like to help, donations can be made at PayDennis in Los Barriles or the GoFundMe page  www.gofundme.com/teamangelmartinez/   Please consider helping the team make it to the competition by giving a donation….no amount is too small to help get them there.   A down payment deadline for the Abu Dhabi contest is coming up March 29, so funds are needed now if they are going to have the confidence to commit. And then of course Angel and his teammates will be back passing the sombrero for the plane tickets. Hey, it would be the trip of a lifetime for these youngsters.  Pony up.