Local Resort Adorns Its Landscape With A Sculpture

Sculptor Arturo Berned (Madrid, Spain, 1966) was in San Jose del Cabo last week to supervise the installation of his very heavy “Head Meccano” metal sculpture at an esplanade of the still-under-construction Ritz Carlton, located within the Puerto Los Cabos development.

Berned is an architect and sculptor whose work is based upon the reinterpretation of both shapes and metal.


With an abstract approach, his works are conceived on the basis of the laws of mathematics and highly symbolic geometric impulses, the result of which is a series of works created on the basis of the golden ratio (also known as the golden number or phi).

Graduating in Madrid in 1993 with a Degree in Architecture, it was in 2000 that he began to seriously follow his vocation for sculpting.

Since then he has produced an intense body of sculptures, most of which are large in size or urban works which is one of the identifying marks of his artistic work.

An outstanding knowledge of metal means his works are conceived using either corten or lacquered stainless steel interspersed with the employment of aluminum and bronze.

He has been awarded for dozens of his work which are located in Madrid, China, New York, Colombia, Tokyo, Portugal, Germany, South Korea and Norway to name a few, and now Los Cabos.

If you squint, you will see this heavy sculpture is sitting on only three corners of its body. Amazing, isn’t it?