Let's Talk Water

Fact 1- There is a shortage of fresh water in Los Cabos, and it will not get better.

Fact 2- We have plenty of salt water ;)

Fact 3- Los Cabos gets about 6 inches of rain annually.

Fact 4- Average consumption of water per person is up to 50 gallons daily in Los Cabos.

Fact 5 – The uses of water in Baja California as a state are as follows: 78% is used for farming 15% for population use, 3% for industry and 1% to generate electricity.

Fact 6 – 89 percent of treated water is used in farming, 13.5 % is used on golf courses, landscaping, and tourist zones, and 0.16 % is used in public city landscaping.

Fact 7 – Any contamination in our water is mostly because due to water poured without treatment directly into our water sources.

Fact 8 – A number of hotels and developments lack desalination and proper sewage water systems. How many? No one knows, because they are doing this illegally.

Fact 9 – Most of our water in Cabo comes from the La Paz aquifer as well as the Santa Anita Aquifer

Fact 10 – The La Paz aquifer is the biggest one and is being over drawn.

Fact 11 – We have a deficit in water services of about 50 gallons per second. The proposed new desal plant will be built to deliver about 50 gallons a second. Coinkydink?

Fact 12 – The Santa Anita aquifer, one of the largest, is almost empty and 35 percent of the Los Cabos area aquifers are overexploited.

Fact 13- 12% of the state's population lack piped water services.

Fact 14 – Many Cabo San Lucas homes only get water a few times a week. People must buy water off a truck and it is expensive. This system is called “Tandeo” and the days you will get service are published in OOMSAPAS web and Facebook pages.

Fact 15 - There are not any municipal water purifier plants in La Paz.

Fact 16 - The telephone for the water system offices in Los Cabos, OOMSAPAS,  is 624.163.77.60. Good luck.

Fact 17- The Cabo San Lucas desalination plant has been plagued by a number of technical failures over the years,and is often inoperable. It was built by a Spanish company.

Fact 18 – We expect to have a new desalination plant in Cabo San Lucas by 2020

Fact 19 - Los Cabos rain water is not exploited. 70% percent of pluvial flow, (rain, Bunky), ends up in the sea.

Fact 20 – The local College of engineers has proposed building dams for the San Lucas stream and the Salto Seco stream, as well as two more for San Jose

Fact 21 – We have a new water treatment facility in Cabo San Lucas. What, your didn’t smell it?

Fact 22 – In 2007 the richy rich Pedregal residents, fed up with calling thousands of truckloads of water to their homes (like 5,000 a year), they built their own desalination plant. The trucks were so frequent they pounded the quaint cobblestones into the ground.

Fact 23 – About two years ago the Cabo government mandated all major new developments had to have their own desalination and wastewater treatment plants, but that doesn't always get inforced.

Fact 24 – There are at least 30 private desalination plants running in Los Cabos area.

Fact 25 – In the 16th century merchant ships and pirates would come to the San Jose estuary to replenish fresh water for their trips.

Fact 26 – Finishing with a nice one :Watersports is one of the best things you can do in Cabo.