Home Inspection Pitfalls

The most common problems identified on a home inspection checklist include:

Faulty Wiring: without wire nuts, open junction boxes.

Faulty Plumbing: water pressure, water stains on ceilings.

Poor Drainage: areas in the yard, leaks in basement.

Bad Gutters: gutters, basement dampness.

Foundation Flaws: Small cracks, sticking doors and windows.

Poor Maintenance: Chipped paint, worn shingles, cracked driveway.

All of these problems can be easily fixed with the right contractor, and shouldn’t be deal breakers. However, if any of the following problems are flagged in the report, you might want to have second or third thoughts:

The Roof Needs Replacing: The average cost of a roof replacement I $7,000.

The House Is in a Flood Zone: Use FEMA’s flood maps determine if the home is at risk.

Major Foundation Issues: a structural engineer to determine if those cracks are actually serious.

Aluminum Wiring: this type of wiring almost always needs to be replaced, a process that can cost thousands of dollars.