The Hiking Trails Of Pedregal

Be ready for lots of hills, and good photo opps

Hiking the Pedregal community in Cabo, up, through and around to the Pacific side, is a must. It’s one of my favorite places to hike and enjoy the views, incredible homes and beautiful landscaping. And, if you make the effort, you can get in a good workout as well.

Today I’m giving you two different route options. I’ve included the route distances, but if you decide to wander down side streets to check out homes or look for photo opps, your distances will change, of course.

I refer to the two entrances to Pedregal; the east entrance off the main drag, and the northwest entrance up from Penny Lane Restaurant and the organic market. Then there is the back door, easy to sneak through if you’re walking, just access it from the Pedregal park.

When hiking in the Pedregal, you can walk on the cobblestone roads, but I would suggest you hike on the brick sidewalks where you can. It’s better on your feet and shoes and you’re not so likely to turn an ankle. Can we all agree to leave cobblestones in the past? After all, the torment of cobblestones is why God invented blacktop.

Now, let’s get hiking. The first route is 1.8 miles one way. Starting at the east entrance, head up on Del Mar past the security check point. I have never been asked where I was going when I’ve hiked Pedregal; if they do acknowledge you, just wave and smile and go on your merry way. If they stop you, tell the security guard you are walking to the beach or to the other entrance and that should satisfy them. Walk with authority and purpose and they will pretend they don’t see you rather than risk an unpleasant confrontation.

As you hike up, there will be an El Paso sign directing you to hike on the brick walk to the left. You’ll reach a point where you need to take a short turn to the right, continue several steps and then turn left on Camino Del Mar street. Then you’ll come across a large stone rattlesnake sculpture. Here, you need to take a right up the stairs to the top, then continue angling to your right to the brick walk. Hiking up, you will pass tennis courts on your right. If you’re interested in playing, these courts are open to the public for a fee.

Continue past the tennis courts, taking a right on the second street you come to. On the left corner of this street is a sign for the spa and the salida (the exit). Head up on this street and when you reach the top, veer to your left and begin heading down. Now’s the time to take out your phone or camera, as there are points along the way down that are great for taking photos.

pedregal.JPGFollowing the road down, you will soon come to the other entrance. You can continue down towards downtown Cabo, or turn around and retrace the route back to where you started, which gives you a 3.6 mile hike.

The second route is a 1.22 mile route to the Pacific beach. Starting again at the east entrance, your route will be the same until you reach the rattlesnake sculpture. Once there, take a left and continue on Camino Del Mar, up and over the hill following the brick walk. As you head down, you will see the Pedregal real estate and information office on your left. At this point in your hike, you’ll have seen several homes for sale and if one strikes your fancy and you brought your check book, I'm sure someone at the office would be happy to write a contract.

Continuing down, hike along the right brick walk and you will come to Camino Pacifico Bajo, where you will take a right. Continue down several blocks to Camino Del Pacifico, and then take a left. After a short distance, you will take a right onto Camino De La Carreta, and a shorter distance later you will see a walkway on your left that takes you through the garden area to the beach. FYI, it is strongly recommended you do not swim due to the unpredictable waters. We don’t want to be losing any of our precious Gringo Gazette readers out there. We’re not kidding around, people die there all the time. Heed the signs.