Gran Fondo Races Through Cabo

No, Cabo is not hosting a cheesy dipping sauce fondue party

A Gran Fondo is type of bike race that originated in Italy back in the 1970’s. It is a very long race, often up to 124 miles, where riders are timed and the riders have the right of way at local intersections.

On October 18 Cabo is hosting its first ever Gran Fondo. There is one course but with two different distance races: a 100 mile Gran Fondo from Cabo del Sol to Todos Santos round trip, and a 65 mile Medio Fondo which goes half way to Todos Santos, chickens out, and turns back to Cabo del Sol. Both routes go directly through Cabo, so good luck with your driving plans for that day.

bike.jpgWhile we are excited to have a new race and visitors in Cabo, you may want to hunker down at home and watch football. Avoid the main road from Cabo del Sol to Todos Santos on October 18th between 6:00am and 4:00pm and don’t even think about going out to Todos Santos or Cerritos Beach.

They have arranged for traffic control for all mayor intersections along with partial road closures.

The roads going through Cabo San Lucas will be only partially closed as the cyclists go through.

There will not be any all day closures. It will be a crap shoot if the road you need is blocked when you need it.

This is preliminary, as they are holding meetings after we go to press to fine tune the logistics with local Cabo authorities and staff.

gran fondo map2.jpg