Fish Report North

November 16, 2015 Edition

Coronado Islands

Good yellowtail action. Water temp dropped from 72 degrees down to 69.5 degrees but that is still plenty warm enough for the yellowtail. Word we have is that the action continues to come from the Rockpile with fish found on both the surface and down deep.

Fly-lining and the dropper loop sardine are both working as well as some fish on the Iron from both surface and yoyo.

Evening Update: Couple more wahoo were caught today near the Rockpile onboard the San Diego. You might want to consider bringing trolling gear and a wired-up Marauder.

fishreportnorth_0219.jpgYellowtail also showed in the Middle Grounds but didn’t want to bite until afternoon. The Mexican Navy was around but didn’t stop anyone.

The wahoo were caught on the first tide swing in the morning near the Pile.


It’s been hard to get fish on most common areas recently where anglers have gone for years. Is it the end of the season? The “Reel Adventure” from Marina Coral came back with only bottom fish, calicos, rock cod, lingcod, sheepshead, white fish and a few bonito on the surface.

San Quintin

In spite of unsettled weather, there were reports of white seabass, yellowtail and continued catches of an occasional wahoo and even a blue marlin. Billfish in November of any stripe is certainly not normal by any yardstick.

Bahia de los Angeles

Recent reports from Carter Andrews fishing with Julio Meza, San Quintin Produce grower and owner of Fishco Pesca Deportiva, was that the grouper fishing was great on their filming expedition to the area for leopard groupers — when the North Wind wasn’t blowing.

Cedros Island

More of the same is the yellowtail report even though the usual season ended a month ago. Some of the long range boats have been dropping by on their way up and down the Baja Coast. Calico bass have been biting full speed. A recent visitor caught 30 fish up to 8-pounds in a couple of hours in the lee of the island – northeast side.

They were even getting calicos slow-trolling 8 to12 inch mackerel at some of the high spots!