Famous Baja Author/Explorer Visits Us

Graham Mackintosh has great Baja tales and is a riviting story teller.

Get ready for an afternoon of entertainment as legendary Baja author, explorer, and adventurer Graham Mackintosh regales his fans with tales and slides of his latest Baja Adventures.

Mackintosh’s four books about his Baja adventures and thousands of seminars have earned him the role as Baja’s most acclaimed adventuring icon.

His often humorus stories and  pictures showing Baja’s kindly and generous strangers and his descriptions of unexplored Baja have driven many people to explore the undeveloped and under explored regions of Baja.

 Mackintosh is the author of the Baja books Into a Desert Place, Journey with a Baja Burro, Marooned with Very Little Beer,”and Nearer My Dog to Thee. You can learn more about him from his website at www.grahammackintosh.com

Mackintosh will be at the Gertrude Pearlman Theater in the La Jolla Camp in Punta Banda on the road to La Bufadora February 13 at 2 pm.

There is no charge, but donations for carrots for the donkey will be appreciated.

For more information mail crowbaja@gmail.com


Review Of Speaker’s Latest Book


Marooned with Very Little Beer, by Graham Macintosh. Baja Detour Press, San Diego, California. 2008. 306 pp.$17.95.

“I think probably I have an angel sitting on one shoulder,” said Graham Mackintosh speaking at El Caballo Blanco book store in Loreto.

If you haven’t met Graham, seen his slides and heard him talk, you have missed becoming acquainted with a true adventurer, patterned after the explorers of old, when the world was much larger and mysterious, with many parts unknown and dangerous. Graham is brave, almost always an optimist, and perhaps a bit too trusting about any possible hardships and dangers to be found in the emptiness of our Baja peninsula.

Marooned With Very Little Beer is his fourth book. The first; Into a Desert Place, when he walked the perimeter of our peninsula, relates his fascination with Baja, and tells us all the reasons he should not have been successful in this venture. (He explains that he was a cautious couch potato, a teacher from Britain, engaged; someone with no money, and who spoke very little Spanish). That first long trip took him two years and seven pairs of shoes, and, of course, he had many near catastrophes and adventures along the way.

In his second; burro book he follows the Mission trail down from the border, ending in Loreto. His third book; Nearer my Dog to Thee, is about his stay in a National Park with two dogs. In his last book, with the intriguing title, of Marooned with Very Little Beer, he is left on the second largest island in the Sea of Cortez for two months. (Thankfully for him, a friend parachuted down extra beer when he ran out).

Graham is funny, very likable, and unassuming. He is not a person you would think of as someone looking for dangerous adventures, but certainly he has had many. He claims that every few years he gets a very strong urge to explore, a yearning to again travel south of the border, and he also does believe that he truly belongs to Baja.

 Each of his books is entertaining (and even educational), because from the first page, the reader feels that he or she is a companion who shares Graham’s discoveries and adventures. He often states in his books that if he, the most unlikely of any explorers, can do this, anyone can.

Many of us are proud that we sometimes march to a different drumbeat, but Graham shows us how to do so in his own unique style. This is a book well worth reading.

All of Graham Mackintosh’s books can be found at El Caballo Blanco book store in Loreto. Stop by and see me, I’m the head honcha there, and I love to talk books. Jeannine Perez, jeannine1220@yahoo.com.