Driving Through Pescadero? Stop Here

Three places we recommend when you’re hungry and thirsty

While there are a variety of good taco stands along the stretch of Highway 19, there are only three spots that will stand out to Gringos.

The first one you encounter coming from Cabo is the Jungle Bar. Originally built by Seth Vazquez, who also owns the Jungle Bar in Cabo, as well as a new bar in Plaza Pioneer in Cabo, it never really took off. Seth was paying more attention to his townie bars, and wasn’t watching his bar out in the sticks 45 minutes away. Then it got washed away by Hurricane Odile. Then it sat there for several years deteriorating. Now Kimberly and Carlos Gutiérrez from Washington state bought into the business and they’re trying to breathe new life into it. For now, they’re only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and they offer a very limited menu of hot dogs and tacos. But they have big plans for the place.

They have built a McDonald’s style playground on the grounds, complete with a petting zoo and plastic blow0up kiddie pool. So, of course every customer there had a couple of children with them. It’s a good place to tank up off their full bar while having a fun, safe place to park the kiddies. It seems to define the definition of “family bar.”

The place has a sand floor but it’s squeaky clean. There is an upstairs with a view of the ocean but no shade for now. In the future, the small cabanas will be available for rent at about $60 USD a night, but Odile cleanup is still underway for now.

Across the street is Art & Beer, an institution around here, because it’s been around forever, and it shows. It’s owned by a guy we all call Santa Claus because that’s what he looks like. He’s about two chicken strips short of a taco, and the place reflects that, as it’s a collection of odd objects d’ art. It’s a labyrinth of sandy tunnels that break out into a place to sit and enjoy an overpriced drink. There is also a circular bar, but the fun is in exploring the yard. Be sure to check out the rest rooms, those are a treat.

But use caution not to upset Santa, because he turns into a real bastard real quick if he thinks you haven’t spent enough money. The situation can quickly turn into shouting match with sand throwing.

The third place you might want to visit in Pescadero is Oasis, formerly known as Dana’s Diner. Cyndi Williams and Tom Trinkunus changed the name when they bought it about a year ago. Tom died shortly after, as a result of falling from a ladder while changing a light bulb, and now Cyndi is trying to make a go of it herself. She will, because her food is excellent and she’s a great hostess.

Before Oasis, she owned Tio’s restaurant in Cabo, which was very popular while she was running it. Try her meatloaf and mashed potatoes at Oasis, you will think you are home at Mom’s. She also makes a great Philly cheesesteak and a real Rueben sandwich like you haven’t had since you left NY. 

Out back, she has a nice yard with shade trees, a BBQ pit, s’mores fire pit, and Adirondack chairs. And horseshoes. Soon she will have a bocce ball court. She’s always thinking up new ways of improving Oasis. When asked if this could be a good yard for kids while their parents get soused in her bar, she said, “No! We don’t want any rug rats running around here!” So, if you have kids, you better back track down to the Jungle Family Bar.

Cyndi also sells real estate from a desk jammed up into a corner of the bar. She has her California license and she owns Cabo Premier brokerage.

So there you have it. Three bars, for three different types of clientele. There is something for everyone in Pescadero.