Daily News Blasts

May 13, 2019 Edition

Well, Make Up Your Mind, Voters

After being swept into office just a few months ago, the mayor of Los Cabos now has an approval rating of only 21%.

How did Mayor Castro slip so far so fast? Well, it doesn't help that the most read newspaper in the state is hammering her relentlessly, often with the dreaded "fake news".

Her defense of the taxis against Uber has also hurt her popularity, but as she says, "Why do they blame me for this? I campaigned on defending the taxistas" Well, she couldn't have been elected if she had come out for Uber because the taxi union would circle the vans prior to election day. In the past, they have plugged traffic and barred people from shopping as a warning of further disruption.

It also hasn't helped her case that her husband has rather run amuck with flamboyant purchases and somewhat opaque connections with the city.

And of course, the first and second gripes on social media are still unfilled potholes and lack of water. These issues have not been addressed with any success.

 Change Of Plan, Stan

A controversial house under construction on the dunes near Todos Santos has finally been closed down after the president of the city of La Paz, (the seat of government), had been saying it wasn't his fault, don't come whining to him. He claimed there was nothing he would/could do because the permits had been issued before his administration took office. But that was before some locals became vocal about their displeasure at this new building. Suddenly Rubén Muñoz backed down, saying well OK, I will close it down. And he did.

Some folks say it's an ecological assault on the dunes to build on them, others just say the whining is by people who thought they had built on the front row and now find there will be houses between them and the ocean. Whatever your view, it doesn't matter because for now, the building has screeched to a halt.

 Pirates Board Mexican Oil Rig

It was 9:30 at night as the crew was locked up while pirates plundered for 7 hours. The Navy arrived 4.5 hours after the captain sent out an SOS but it was too late.

Meanwhile, Pemex has made a big discovery in shallow waters, also in the Gulf of Mexico.

Navy assets have been deployed to Mexico's East Coast and are expected to remain there on pirate duty. Well, they better step up their game, because a 4.5-hour response rate isn't going to work.

We Are Golden

Officials have been told to figure out a way to stop Uber from taking foreign passengers without molesting or bothering those tourists.

They have been charged with impounding vehicles if they have to, but gently, if a tourist is in it.

So your assignment is to look touristy. That's an easy one for you.


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