Daily News Blasts

April 15, 2019 Edition

Hunker Down!

Twenty four storms are forecast for this hurricane season. The season stretches from May to November, but realistically, we only need to pay attention in late August and September. Hope we didn't just jinx the season.

A list of names has been issued for the coming season, most of them boring. Why not a Jose or a Jesus? We would love to write about the coming of Jesus. Or Flossie, we could get flossed by Flossie. Then there's Henriette. She sounds like trouble just standing still.


What to Do if You Find Two Grand.

An honest Mexican lady, Vanessa Gama, found an abandoned briefcase at the parking lot of the Home Depot store in La Paz. When she opened it, she saw in excess to  $2,000USD, in pesos.

She took the briefcase home, and since there was a guy's name tag inside, she looked for him on social media, until she found him the next day and contacted him.

The lucky guy showed up to pick it up and offered her $250 as a reward, which she refused. He then gave her a bottle of wine and another one of mezcal in appreciation for her honesty.


Red Cross Alert.

"Red Cross Needs Your Help," reads this year’s slogan to begin the can-shaking fundraiser for the Los Cabos Red Cross, which by the way, turns 45 years old in our community.

By now you have probably seen several youngsters at the main street crossroads shaking a white plastic can with the Red Cross logo on it. You are welcome to donate as much as your heart can afford, as the Red Cross in Mexico is formed mostly by unpaid volunteers. The city government pays only for gas and some mechanic work.

Last year, Los Cabos Cruz Roja attended more than 3,200 free services and conducted more than 1,000 training courses for its team members. Be ready to help, you never know when you might need them.


All That For A Canuck?

A Canadian guy was fishing 35 miles offshore when he got an owie in his ear. The crew called for a rescue, and the Navy went out and fetched him back in a hurry.

Here are our questions: Why didn't the boat he was on, the Yellowknife, just hurry him into shore rather than wait for the Navy to arrive? And why didn't someone think to pass the guy a QTip? QTips can fix any ear problem if you jam them in there hard enough.


Go Back! Go Back! Wrong Way!

A dazed and confused whale entered the Cabo marina last week, just cruising around like it was his own back yard.

At first, we're watching and thinking, boy, this is a big mistake. Then we're thinking, why is this a boo boo? Who’s going to object to him in the marina? Is somebody going to drop a baited hook? Probably not. But someone might toss him a fish, just like we do with the seals and seagulls. Maybe this big guy wasn't dazed and confused, maybe he was just smart.

But apparently, that was not a successful survival strategy because after a few hours he paddled back out to sea, just like he knew where he was all the time.


$422 Fine!!

Some 40% of drivers use cell phones while driving, and cell usage is now the number one cause of road accidents, more than even drunk driving.

The city has passed Bill 10 to 2 that punishes the use of cell phones with a fine of 8,449 pesos, which comes to more than $400 US.

24,000 people in Mexico die each year due to distracted driving, mostly young people between 15 and 29 years old. But that's not to say a young person couldn't take you out while not paying attention, so drive defensively.

Watch, But Don't Touch.

The honcho at the State Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (COEPRIS), chastised hotels for not making use of treated gray water on their landscaping.

She also acknowledged there are many stinky sewer spills around Los Cabos and assured us her office is watching these. COEPRIS is "monitoring the situation" and they "intend to carry out an anticipatory work to prevent the situation from worsening"

"We are monitoring everything that has been spilling of sewage, especially those areas where spills are frequent, to have an anticipatory work," she concluded.

Monitoring? Watching? Anticipating? Really? May we suggest you pull on your rubber boots and your big rubber gloves and wade in and fix it?

Now We Have To Learn Chinese?

We barely have a semi-grip on Spanish and now we have to deal with Chinamen, who have sent a new Uber-like service from China. It's called Didi, which probably means something like Foolish Tourist in Chinese. We put it through Google translate and came up with this: DI. Hmmmm ... sinister...

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