Cleanup Underway, Have You Noticed?

Everywhere you look, Cabo is looking cleaner, have you noticed? Well, get a clue and appreciate the effort!

On the road to Todos Santos, government workers are picking up all the trash along the highway and bagging it up.  As you know, that’s a huge amount.  As you drive along, at intervals you will see mounds of large black plastic bags filled with trash ready to be picked up.  It really is a more scenic drive if one isn’t looking at plastic bottles, bags, cans, and other debris along the way.   Now that there’s a good road and it’s been cleaned up, everyone should keep their trash in their car, but that’s a tough sell to many Mexicans. So the kids are being taught roadside hygiene in school, which is a slow slog to improving these bad habits but it should kick in in the upcoming generation.

Employees can also be seen along the Federal Highway in the Corredor sweeping up the silt and dirt that accumulates along the edge.  Outside of the restaurant Puerta Vieja,  ownee Manuel is doing his part with a landscape makeover.  He’s removing dead bushes, trimming, raking, clearing, and picking up trash.  His guys even brought in a dumpster, and have filled it twice with debri.  That front is taking on the appearance of a semi-arid desert scene and looks much better.

 Punta Baellena is cleaning up their exit off the highway and repainting the sign.

The downtown boulevards are getting new palm trees and cacti.  Along the sides, colorful oleander and bougainvillea have been planted.  City curbs have fresh coats of paint with way too many painted red which means no parking, but hey, if they allowed parking the business owners and employees would just clog up the streets and we civilians still wouldn’t find a parking spot. 

However, there are still a few more areas around town that need attention.  One of them is the dirt lot across the street from the Puerto Paraiso parking garage.  Especially the corner which is across from Marina Sol condos and on the way to Medano Beach. But it’s private property, heaped high with private junk, and if the owner wants it to look like that, there isn’t much we can do about it. Many of these particularly nasty lots belong to out of towners who never have to look at it.

Bottom line, our municipal government is trying hard to do right by us.