City Officials Look At Beach Access

And they don’t like what they see

City officials went around posing as Mexicans, (which was easy to do, as they are Mexicans), to find out how accesable our beaches are to the locals.

Beaches in Mexico are the property of the nation and must be open to everyone. The concept of private beaches, therefore, is non-existent in Mexico. At least by law, but hardly seen in reality, which is a cause of constant protest both in social media and in live picketing.

Last week, a number of city officials, responding to complaints from local residents, toured every single beach in both Cabo San Lucas, San Jose and the corridor in between the two towns, and found  there are 17 beaches that allow no access to local residents. And some of those are the most beautiful and most swimable.

Here’s the list:

Diamante, on the road to Todos Santos does not allow access, their security people will tell you to go around the Cabo San Lucas desal plant, and jump over the fence.

Pueblo Bonito Sunset beach, security agents will tell you to get a permit from management or to go to the Yenekamu association, which is currently providing guided tours to the old lighthouse.

The Pedregal housing tract. Access allowed but you are required to show an I.D. and security will follow you around if you look suspicious. (Mexican).

Solmar, Terrasol and Finisterra, you are required to leave an I.D. at the security gate, park your car where they tell you to, and walk to the beach.

Medano beach next to the Cascadas timeshare resort. There’s a 20 pesos (about $1.20) fee if you’re driving. If you’re walking, no charge.

The RIU resort. Absolutely no access, they tell you to go to Medano (the one listed above).

Misiones condos and The Cape, a Thompson resort. Free access.

Cabo Bello. Access is controlled, you only have to leave a legal ID at the security gate.

Sirena del Mar, a Welk resort. Absolutely no access. They send you to Cabo Bello.

Santa Carmela. Absolutely no access.

Punta Ballena. Access permitted, and there are oublic bathrooms on the beach. Clean, sweet smelling ones, for a change.

Hacienda Encantada resort. No access permitted, they will direct you to a nearby beach.

Cabo del Sol. Access permitted, you only have to sign up at the entrance.

Dreams resort. No access permitted, you will be directed to a nearby arroyo – tough access.

Casa del Mar. No access permitted.

Melia Cabo Real. No access permitted, you will be directed to the Hilton, where you will be turned down, also.

El Dorado. No access permitted.

Cerro Colorado. No access permitted.

Espiritu del Mar. No access permitted.

Puerto Los Cabos. No access, you will be directed to La Playita beach.

El Ganzo. Controlled access you need to show an I.D. to enter.

Palmilla. Access allowed.

Acapulquito and Costa Azul. Access allowed.