Canine Surfers Strut Their Stuff

And they do it for their less fortunate brethren. And sisteren

Tilman won the grand prize for best run of the dayThe popular swimming and surfing Cerritos beach, about 40 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas, turned into a dog beach Saturday for the second annual Dog Surf Competition to benefit the Pescadero dog rescue.

Competitors were amped as they faced some gnarly (from a doggie perspective), waves. Of the 12 contenders, Kiko had a really long ride with his owner Chey, and both Baraka, a golden retriever, and Stella, a beautiful labrador, made a valiant showing in the first heat.

Diego caught a triple overhead, but Yeka ended up in the soup. Leoban was making an impressive ride until he wiped out, but he jumped back on his board to finish the wave all the way in.

Tilman handles his chores with the press like the pro that he isLast year’s winner, Pirata, a shepherd mix, challenged the pack, but it was Chancho, a four year dachshund-chihuahua mix, on his yellow longboard that made the final cut. He faced off in the finals with Tillman, the famous skateboarder from Ventura, California. Tillman is a bulldog, on the water and off, and had a solid presence on his board that carried him to the championship by only one point.

Judges were legendary surfer Brian Coyne, aka “Coynie;” along with local surfers Jaimi Davie and Juan Pablo. Each dog was judged on a 1 to 10 scale for each ride, during a 15 minute heat. Criteria included length of ride; take off, and confidence on the board.

All competitors went home with a custom bandana, and the grand prize was a gourmet bag of (what else?) dog food.

A large crowd of humans turned out to cheer for their favorite canine, and generally had a great time. The event raised several thousand pesos for the Pesky Dogs rescue facility in Pescadero, but more is needed to help these Baja pups. To make a donation, visit